1theK Random Play: Cho Hyung Woo — 'Regret'

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Released on Aug. 28, 2018, this week’s installment of 1theK Random Play takes us back into the halls of talent of Mystic Entertainment, home to previous 1theK Random Play alum, Jane Jang. With just over 66,000 views, Cho Hyung Woo paints the “Regret” that comes with realizing far too late the good love you had in your life.

Who Are We Listening To:
Cho Hyung Woo is a South Korean musician signed to the APOP division label of Mystic Entertainment. He first came into public view in 2011 during his time on season one of the music reality show, MBC Star Audition — The Great Birth. Since then he has released a duet album, “Romantic Spring,” with fellow label-mate Gain (Brown Eyed Girls), his first solo album (2015) and just recently the seven-song, “Where,” of which “Regret” is the lead single.

What’s A Hit:
This song is incredibly simple, just a voice and a piano; yet it’s this simplicity that carries the weight of loss the heartbreaking lyrics evoke. And heartbreaking they are — not realizing the love that was given to you, freely and wholeheartedly, until it’s walked away. The very epitome of “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”

I absolutely adore how well the music video encapsulates Cho’s aching, soaring vocals. It’s simple, like the song itself, but oh-so-not in truth. Full of open, sweeping shots, of distances and solitude. You rarely see the protagonist, and when you do, he’s alone, almost lost as he wanders an empty house, a barren beach. Solitary as he travels a long, winding road, or a single path along a quiet, tree-lined trail. Everything here is grandiose in scale but so very lonely in its reality.

What’s A Miss:
I feel like I often get repetitive in this section of the serial. One, because I’m easily musically pleased and moved, thus it’s really hard to find something I don’t like about every entry. Two, because more often than not, it simply does come down to whether a particular style of music or vocal is your gig and guess what? The only way you’re gonna know is to take a listen and decide for yourself.

So go ahead, take a chance. Give it a listen. Tell me what you liked or didn’t like about this song and/or music video.

1theK Random Play is a weekly feature for music videos posted to 1theK’s official YouTube channel. Chosen videos will have under 100,000 views and offer the opportunity for readers to be introduced to lesser-known Korean artists.

(YouTube, Mystic Entertainment.)

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