UNICEF and BTS Urge Youth to Speak Out

"Tell me your story. I want to hear your voice, and I want to hear your conviction," - RM speaks at the UNGA

By now, everyone knows about the recent United Nations assembly that was held to discuss Youth2030, the UN’s strategy to empower the young people of the world and propel future generations into a brighter tomorrow. Maybe you only tuned in to hear what BTS leader RM had to say to the assembled crowd. If so, here’s the rundown of what you missed.
Youth2030 includes an initiative called “Generation Unlimited,” which aims to put young people around the globe into school, training or employment by the year 2030. UNICEF is responsible for creating “Generation Unlimited,” and BTS are working with them once again as advocates for the campaign, along with their continued work to end childhood violence with the well known “Love Myself” campaign they launched last year.

But why is it so important for BTS to be involved?

As of right now, BTS is one of the most followed and talked about artists in the world. We live in a society where celebrities sneeze and fans know about it half a second later. In a world where communication happens so quickly, who better to speak as a voice to the young people than the group that those people are talking about the most? ARMY is a vast and wild fanbase and often go above and beyond any call to action in the name of BTS. That power is now directed at creating a brighter future, where people will be educated, respected and treated with more kindness than in previous generations.

“I want to hear your voice… No matter who you are, where you’re from, your skin color, gender identity: speak yourself.”  – RM
Almost before RM finished his speech with his now famous quote, ARMY flocked to social media to spread the hashtag #SPEAKYOURSELF and let the world know who they are. Fans voiced their responses to RM in a flood of positivity and hopeful words, encouraging each other and proving that, yes, the future really is ours. So now, it’s your turn. If you agree that the future is ready for our voices and our progress, then join those who have already spoken out and supported the Generation Unlimited initiative in whatever way you can. Because it really is “Our future. Our turn. Our time.” The world is waiting for you to #SPEAKYOURSELF.
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