EMPiRE Need Help in 'S.O.S' MV

What do you get when you mix a post-apocalyptic world with Japanese pop? You get a well-made music video by Avex!

On August 26, EMPiRE released their latest music video, “S.O.S.” The first half of the video screams Mad Max to me. The members are tied to the front of apocalypse-style vehicles that continuously drive around in a deserted field.
empire 2
The girls played the role of being held in captivity against their will extremely well. Honestly, all that was missing was Tom Hardy and Mel Gibson swooping in to save the day in their own crazy way.
The second half of the video changes to the group’s choreography, located in the same open field.  The movements are fluid yet carefree, possibly a way to symbolize the girls’ wish for freedom.
The song itself is a bit more lively than what was portrayed in the video. It does fuse some elements of rock, but these elements do not outshine the vocals of the members. In fact, each member received a decent amount of lines, showcasing their unique voices.
EMPiRE released their first mini album, “EMPiRE originals,” earlier this year. For more information on their album and future projects check out their official website.

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