BTS Take Over 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon'

BTS has had quite the week. Who am I kidding, they’ve had quite the year! Tuesday night, Sept. 25th,  the seven-member group sat down with Jimmy Fallon on the “The Tonight Show” in New York City for a quick interview, a mini performance and a viral dance challenge.

BTS couldn’t contain their excitement as the boys entered the soundstage a la Soul Train, clad in their elaborately patterned and shiny suits.  Fallon welcomed each of them warmly while sporting an ARMY Bomb ring and a BT21 Chimmy headband. When the band noticed the merch a giggle fit ensued, the main culprit being Jimin who was extra happy Fallon picked his character design. Once they introduced themselves, Fallon wasted no time in asking the “biggest boyband on the planet” some questions.
All this excitement is just a day after the group’s historic appearance in front of the United Nations Assembly where leader RM  gave a heartfelt speech. When asked how it went he confessed, “I was so nervous. I was holding the paper and you can see me shaking.” In support of Youth 2030 Strategy launch, the boys were invited due to their partnership with UNICEF for their #EndViolence campaign which focuses on ending childhood violence around the world.
BTS also performed their hit “IDOL” and the b-side track “I’m Fine” from their recent compilation album “Love Yourself: Answer,” as well as participated in the Fortnite dance challenge together with Fallon.
What was your favorite part of BTS’ latest US TV appearance?

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