DAY6 Releases Special Single, 'Beautiful Feeling'

In conjunction with their 3rd anniversary and their first ever Korean fanmeeting, DAY6 releases "Beautiful Feeling."

On Sept. 9, 2018, DAY6 treated fans to a very special release of their song, “Beautiful Feeling,” which went in conjunction with their first ever fan-meeting with My Days in South Korea. This September 6 also commemorated the band’s third-year anniversary, which makes this particular release even more special.
The music video for “Beautiful Feeling” takes fans and viewers on a trip down Memory Lane as it highlights photos of the band and the individual members throughout the years, ranging from pre-debut to currently. A cool aspect of the music video is the use of stop-motion effect to give it that vintage feel as if you were flipping through a scrapbook. As the music video progresses, the lyrics (not to be confused with captions that a viewer can turn on and off on YouTube) are displayed for those watching along to really get the meaning of the song. It also makes it seem as if the members are the ones who have personally written the lyrics across the screen.

The song itself is so soothing and beautiful that you’ll be lost in both the instrumentation and their vocals. Currently, DAY6 has embarked on their ‘YOUTH’ world tour and is set to come to North America this coming November. Make sure to check them out while they are on tour!
(YouTube, DAY6 Official Twitter.)

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