Shane Dawson TMJP Pt. 3+4 Recap

Even with all the hate that Shane Dawson is getting from his Jake Paul documentary series, he has, of course, decided to continue forward. In the third segment, titled “The Family of Jake Paul,” Shane apologizes for wrongly accusing Paul of being a sociopath without getting the full story, and making a mental disorder seem like a horror movie. Apparently, Logan Paul had made a response to Shane’s series, telling people that rather than being a full-on sociopath, he has sociopathic tendencies. Logan says so himself that he is on the sociopathic spectrum, and that he had let those tendencies get the best of him this year. With the third video in the series, Shane explains what he has learned so far about Anti-Social Personality Disorder.

As the video continues, Shane goes through Jake’s old videos, I assume to get a better idea of how this personality developed over time. He also goes through the parents’ YouTube videos, in order to better understand what the Paul brothers grew up with. With the mom’s videos, Shane got to see more of the shade that’s been thrown between the parents. The family is displaying their own drama in their vlogs, displaying a version of themselves to the whole world. Continuing the family competition into the boys’ adulthood.
In the fourth video, Shane interviews another person, a person that was very close to Jake in the making of Team 10. Team 10 is a company that Jake Paul created, alongside Nick Crompton. Jake Paul fulfills the roll of CEO, and I guess Nick would have been the COO. Nick used to be one of Jake Paul’s best friends in the Team 10 house. Nick had started in Bradford, England, having created his own marketing company successfully. He moved out to Los Angeles, and Jake got in contact with him in order to help with the creation of Team 10. Shane interviews Nick about his time being a member of Team 10 and what Jake Paul is really like off camera toward other people. He explains that most of the pranks from the videos were all planned, and everyone knew about them.

Nick goes on to explain some of the unexplained drama between the old members of the Team 10 house. While living in the Team 10 house may have been intense, it was never a life-threatening situation to be in. Basically, Nick believes that people have been misled to believe that Jake is just a horrible person. According to Nick, it isn’t Jake that’s the real issue. It’s the dad, Vlogdad, Greg Paul. Greg tried to get in the way and gain control of everything and does not act in a professional manner at all, which is what many people believe now. This makes it even more obvious that Jake and Logan grew up in a not-so-great environment, which then caused them to be the way they are now.
Overall, Team 10 was just meant to be a source of entertainment for viewers on YouTube. Over time, the individual situations of members got intense, which caused a lot of the original Team 10 house to leave the pack. Jake Paul grew up in a very competition-based environment, which caused him to be the person he is today. According to Nick, Jake is a good person. But it’s his father, Greg, that gets in the way of everything, and the constant competition between Jake and Logan messed things up a lot.
Personally, (I have no intentions of wrongly diagnosing the Paul brothers with anything), I think that both brothers have sociopathic tendencies and that they are both on different spectrums, as Logan described. They grew up in a very strict, competitive household, which then led to the creation of Team 10. I think Jake is still trying to figure out what exactly is going on inside his own head and is lost in his brother’s ever-present, obnoxious shadow. I’m excited to see where Shane goes with this series, and I will be glued to my computer screen as soon as the next episode is uploaded. So, stay tuned for more articles!
Let me know what you think in the comments below. What are your thoughts on the Paul brothers? Do you think Jake is a sociopath? I wanna know.
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