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Hwang In Sun (황인선) has been busy as a talented solo artist who works hard for her fans. The former Produce 101 Season 1 and “Society Game” contestant has released several singles over the years and released “Hwang In Sun The Ballade Part 1” earlier this year. On a rainy Sunday in late September 2018, “Hwang Imo” (Auntie Hwang) shared her story, advice to other hopeful artists and played a word game with me for MACG Magazine readers to enjoy.

MACG Magazine (MM): How did you get started as a singer?
Hwang In Sun (HI): My college major was dance and I think that all kinds of art seemed to integrate into one point. Dancing involves many body movements and as a singer, I have to do both things. I became a singer because I just wanted to show the variety.
MM: For your most recent project, what was the inspiration?
HI: For my daily affairs, I try to write a diary once a day. I’m trying to be consistent with writing my emotions, and I think I get all the inspiration from my emotions.
MM: How does it feel to go to studios and work on your projects?
HI: I’m always looking forward to being in the studio! I work very hard.
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MM: What do enjoy doing in your free time?
HI: I like to hang out. I don’t have much free time, but I like going to rock festivals.
MM: What is your dream collaboration?
HI: I would like to work with the famous ballad singer 백지영 (Baek Ji-Young).
MM: Who are you keeping up with these days and why?
HI: The first occasion I became a celebrity was during the television show “Produce 101,” so that program was very special to me. All the participants are all special to me as well, so I’m always keeping up with them.
MM: It’s word game time! We will say an English word. Please tell us the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word. Your first word is “rainbow”
HI: (Laughs) 무지개 (mujigae, the Korean word for “rainbow”)! I think of myself. A rainbow has a variety of colors and making my work has a variety of colors, too.
MM: Your next word is “dance.”
HI: Dance? It’s my life.
MM: What about the word “favorite”?
HI: (Smiling) Smiles.
MM: The next word is “stress.”
HI: Ah, stress. I’m having a little all the time from so much work! (Laughs)
MM: The last word is “future.”
HI: Artist. Continuing my career as an artist, whatever that will be.
MM: Finally, if there is one thing that you could say to others who want to become an artist, what would it be?
HI: Since I started my career late, I want to give this advice to future artists: If you have a dream or ambition, regardless of your condition, please take it as a challenge and try as hard as you can to achieve your dreams.

Support Hang In Sun on Facebook, Instagram and on YouTube. Enjoy her most recent single below!

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