Artists To Look Out For: INTERSECTION

Let’s meet Japanese record label Avex‘s new rising group! INTERSECTION is a bilingual group consisting of four members under their own label, “The Whole Earth Connection.”

Mika Hashizume

Mika, the oldest and leader of the group, was born on Dec. 21, 1998 in Hawaii. He lived in Hawaii for 16 years before moving to Japan. Mika is a skilled violinist and can also play the ukulele.

William Aoyama

William is a California native born on May 19, 2000. He moved to Japan at the age of two with his family. William trained for the Junior Olympics at a young age before switching his interest to music.

Kazuma Mitchell

Kazuma is a New York native born in May 15, 2000. He lived in New York for eight years before moving to Japan. With his background in music he can also play instruments such as the flute and saxophone. Outside of music, Kazuma is  a model working for the fashion magazine “MEN’S NON-NO” and is a student at Harvard University.

Caelan Moriarty
Born in Cuba on a military base on April 12, 2001, Caelan grew up traveling to countries such as Spain, Hawaii and Japan. Due to his father’s work in the military Caelan was exposed to many different cultures, making his interests vary.
On October 5, the group released their English debut single “Heart of Gold” which can be found on Spotify and Apple Music!
The song and video are very simple and sweet with pop vibes. It gives new fans a chance to hear the vocals of each of the members as they serenade their love interest, and also gives each of the boys a chance to shine.

How do you all feel about this new group making waves? Do you already have a bias?
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