Cosplayer Spotlight: Aquarius Taught Me Cosplay

Meet Keenen Baker, also known as Aquarius Taught Me Cosplay, a college student with a passion for filming and costuming. Over the past five years, Keenen has showcased his love for comics by doing characters such as DC Comics’ Static Shock, Blue Beetle, Kid Flash, Firestorm,Marvel’s Nightcrawler and more.
This talented cosplayer has also combined his cosplaying skills with his abilities as a Visual FX artist, director, post-production editor and sound designer to create fan films. His most recent film — “Run Wally Run!” — can be found on his YouTube channel, Aliens Versus Robots, and depicts him as Wally West (also known as Kid Flash) in an intense battle against Nightwing.

When he isn’t making costumes, behind or in front of a camera, Keenan enjoys reading comics, gaming and having fun with friends.
You can follow Aquarius Taught Me Cosplay on his Facebook for more of his amazing work.
(YouTube, Facebook.)

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