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When eager to achieve one’s dreams of leaving a positive lasting impression upon the world, it is refreshing to learn about the unique journeys of other driven people. Within the southeast Asian island country of Singapore, Arthur Choo is a person worth knowing more about. The early-30s-year-old might not be a widely familiar name to those outside of the Singaporean entertainment scene, but the multi-hyphenate man is focused on changing that. Choo is an entertainer, entrepreneur and author and shows no signs of slowing down.
Choo tried his hand at several things throughout his life, including sports and sales. The drive, confidence and edge necessary to succeed in those two sectors fused together naturally in his creative endeavors. However, the ambitious can experience hard times, and it was during a stretch of difficulty within his life that he discovered healing through music. Feeling drawn to the energy of percussion, Choo started off with makeshift drums (metal trash bins) and then made his way up to formal lessons. 
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His love for music grew into a viable business in 2011 when he founded BEAT’ABOX GROUP, allowing him to share the joy of music with others. His focal instrument is the Cajón, a unique percussion piece that can be sat upon while playing. The instrument originated in Peru and is played predominantly in countries with Latin and Spanish influences. Choo’s passion for the instrument is an extension of the narrative that music is a universal language.

BEAT’ABOX is Singapore’s leading cajon enterprise.

BEAT’ABOX’s mission is to infuse rhythm into everyday life. Choo innovated his interest into a full-time career in 2013, heading off classes and corporate experiences that bring high energy to the forefront. BEAT’ABOX embraces a motivating role within its community as well. The company has worked with over 100 youth and non-profit organizations such as the Chinese Development Assistance Council, Parkinson Society Singapore and LOGOS Hope. Everything culminates into a celebration of music, togetherness and life during Choo’s annual BOX’OUT—Singapore’s largest cajón festival.
Though busy with BEAT’ABOX initiatives, Choo has appeared in dozens of live and television events. He is most widely recognized from his time on “Birth of a Star”, Lajin Korea Entertainment‘s variety show in Beijing. As a member of AHundred Ants Productions, Choo has added more acting to his growing list of accomplishments.

Most recently, Choo was at Singapore Technologies Business Night, enjoying the fruits of his newest labor, green tech company SAVCON. As co-founder and CEO, Choo and his partners hope to transform how automobiles can be a part of protecting the environment.
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It’s clear that Choo’s endless ambition, unique vision and drive have led him down various avenues for success. With multiple endeavors under his belt, he continues to try new things and shows strong initiative. The future is bright for this young entrepreneur.

Learn more about Arthur Choo on his website and follow him on social media.
(Facebook, BEAT’ABOX, Instagram, AHundred Ants Productions.)

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