Sierra Burgess is a Loser Movie Review

Netflix has been coming out with quite the list of movies and series to its library recently. One of the latest movies to come out as part of the end-of-summer season is the coming of age film, “Sierra Burgess is a Loser.” Starring Shannon Purser as Sierra, Noah Centineo as Jamey and Kristine Froseth as Victoria, this film takes you down the lane of Sierra’s experiences. Some of these include daily struggles of dealing with high school drama, applying for college as well as finding the time to tackle relationships and life in general. There are many aspects of the film that viewers can relate to, whether you’ve already gone through high school or are currently going through the motions.
Let this film be a reminder to all who watch that you should love yourself and be comfortable and proud of the person you are.

Warning: The following contains spoilers of the film. 
Before we go into some of the great parts of the film, we will look at some of the not-so-great things that happened. One part of the film that was particularly alarming was when Sierra chooses to get back at Victoria for kissing Jamey in one of the worst ways possible. While it’s understandable that what happened was done through anger and emotions had taken over Sierra, it still does not make it okay to log in to someone’s social media account and post private pictures — without permission — that later go viral. This particular part in the film leads to a snowball of events that really do take a toll on Victoria. While Victoria is the antagonist of the film and she does pull Sierra into a catfish situation, what Sierra did to Victoria was uncalled for and low.
Another aspect of the film that wasn’t that great but at the same time also an interesting addition was when Sierra continued to pretend to be Victoria over the phone. Of course, without this particular part, we would not get the story that the film is based around and see all the drama that occurs. It was not great in the sense that it isn’t right to continue to pretend to be someone else and fool another unsuspecting person and lie to them. On the other hand, the movie makes a good point to highlight that catfishing is NOT okay, and hopes to drive the point that if you really want to get to know someone, just be yourself and show them who you are.
However, one of the few highlights of the film was the relationship that bloomed between Victoria and Sierra. It was truly great to see their friendship as they set aside their differences and became close as they started to hang out more with each other. It was endearing to see the ladies balance each other out with their quirks — Victoria with her knowledge on flirting and dating, and Sierra with her aptitude for academics (primarily literature). If anything, the development of their friendship was far more interesting than the relationship between Jamey and Sierra.
Another great highlight of the film is the personal growth of Sierra herself as she comes to terms with self-love and self-appreciation. The film does a great job of focusing on the issue of image and confidence as a teen going through puberty and high school. Sierra’s particular journey is a roller coaster ride, but you can’t help but ride the entire time to see how everything ties in together.
A great aspect of the film is that it is one where the main lead is plus-size! It’s great to see more representation of different body types featured as the main character of a film and does not go the route of fat-shaming the main character into losing weight. One last bit that made the film worthwhile is the accompanying soundtrack that has a nice blend of EDM, House and Indie songs that are great to vibe to.
Overall, “Sierra Burgess is a Loser” is a film that you should give a chance and watch. There are several ups and downs to the film, but it’s ultimately up to you as the viewer to form your own opinion on the film. Despite its flaws, this was an enjoyable film, and the acting was superb! You’ll definitely find yourself heavily invested in “Sierra Burgess is a Loser.”
(IMDb, YouTube.)

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