[Part 3] From The Writers, For The Writers: MackyDraws

We asked three questions of several writers from all walks of life: What do you love about being a writer, what is one of your favorite things you’ve created and why, and what is something you wished more readers took into consideration about writing? Here is what they had to say.
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MackyDraws, The Legend of Genji
Writing/drawing/creating is such a fun, liberating process. I love letting my imagination go crazy, releasing all my pent-up mental energy in a productive way. It’s exciting to see where one thought might lead, how it might connect two disparate ideas and build up in unexpected ways. My favorite part of writing is that “OH MY GOSH” moment when one idea magically connects to a completely different one in a perfect way – it’s like that little taste of euphoria and triumph you feel when you finally realize where a particularly aggravating puzzle piece fits.
I never really had the time or motivation to build up my ideas into anything particularly coherent, but in college, I had the opportunity to write and draw a graphic essay about my tribal identity. It was the first time I had ever drawn/written something so personal and honest, and it helped me deal with confusing feelings and my own anxieties. It’s the most “complete” thing I’ve ever made and it really challenged me, so it’s probably my favorite piece.
I guess that for me at least, I want readers to remember that writing is an ever-evolving process. (If you could only see how different Legend of Genji was at the beginning of the project!) I’ve had readers be upset at changes I’ve made to characters or plot points, but without the shifts and restructuring the story wouldn’t feel “right” and would ultimately be a worse product for everyone.

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