MAMA Prepares Itself For Janet Jackson

As if the Mnet Asian Music Awards isn’t already spectacle enough, it was recently announced that entertainment icon Janet Jackson will be in attendance this year! The multi-hyphenate global star recently completed her “State of The World” tour and has been on the festival track for several months. Although there has not been confirmation of a performance or which of the three award dates she will appear for, the news is exciting nonetheless. Even more so, for fans of both her and the annual award show, it is awesome to consider that an award might be presented to her — if so, she would join a diverse list of other international artists.

The tweet heard ’round the world has over 8.5 thousand fans chatting, and one can only hope that the following things occur:

  • SM Entertainment will formally announce that their artists will now be in attendance so that SHINee’s Taemin won’t have to sneak into a venue to catch one degree of separation from the essence of Michael Jackson;
  • Likewise, NCT Haechan can reuse his Halloween costume in tribute. (If EXO Chanyeol can bust his out for his birthday since he missed the annual SM party, the young artist can re-purpose his, too.);
  • Seventeen Dino will reveal to the world that not only does he know about “Scream,” Janet’s hit song with Michael, but he can kill the choreography with Janet’s flair;
  • KARA, who disbanded in 2016, will miraculously announce a comeback with Youngji now as leader and perform “Son of a Gun” with more fervor than before since, you know, Janet’s actually present to see it
  • Gong Minzy will pop-lock her way into a networking meeting with Miss Jackson’s backup dancers for an exclusive dance moment to anticipate next year; and
  • virtual girl group K/DA will add Janet as the newest band member once League of Legends‘ creative team figures out what to do with that magical concept next

Are you excited to learn that Miss Jackson will be at MAMA this year?

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