51 Korean Rappers Take on '119 REMIX'


Fans of Korean underground and mainstream hip-hop had to brace themselves for a production feat orchestrated by Gray unlike any other. On December 2, CJ Digital Music, on behalf of Stone Music Entertainment unleashed “119 REMIX,” featuring 51 hip-hop artists. At over 20 minutes long, Gray (Lee Song-hwa) has exercised one of the biggest musical flexes of the year.
The original track, “119,” was featured on “Show Me The Money” season 7. AOMG announced via Instagram that the proceeds from the remix will be donated to firefighters and organizations assisting those impacted by fire-related incidents.
AOMG (an acronym for Above Ordinary Music Group or “Always on my grind.”) was established in 2013 and is home to over a dozen artists. Aside from the AOMG camp, artists hailed from multiple labels, including H1GHR Music, Amoeba Culture, Wedaplugg Records and even past seasons of Mnet’s “High School Rapper.” Also, two contributors were female artists Yunhway and Jvcki Wai, the latter delivering her verse in at least four different languages.
With positive intention and swagger to boot, “119 REMIX” will now live on as one of the most legendary collaborations in Korean music.
Listen to the track, featuring artists Jay Park (박재범), Simon Dominic (사이먼 도미닉), Loco (로꼬), Ugly Duck, Woo Won Jae (우원재), Sik-K, Junoflo and more. Fans are encouraged to subtitle the lyrics into various languages as well via the video’s description.

“119 REMIX” is available on multiple streaming and music sites.
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