Daichi Miura Promotes Dragon Ball Super: Broly With Animated 'Blizzard' Teaser

Japanese singer-songwriter Daichi Miura released a teaser MV for his 24th single, “Blizzard,” on November 27. The song is being used for the soon-to-be-released 20th Dragon Ball movie, “Dragon Ball Super: Broly.” The video depicts main characters Goku and Vegeta in an explosive battle in the snow against another Saiyan known as Broly.
As fans of the Japanese superstar might expect, “Blizzard” is a hypnotic dance track. It makes use of Daichi’s signature expressive vocals and combines them with an energetic and powerfully infectious dance beat reminiscent of early-2000s club bangers one might have heard from the likes of Britney Spears or Ke$ha. While the video is currently only only PV-length (meaning just a preview of what’s to come), fans can get a real sense of just how epic both the single and the upcoming Dragon Ball film are.
“Blizzard” was released digitally on November 9, and fans can expect a physical copy of Miura’s EP of the same name on December 9.

“Dragon Ball Super: Broly” takes place right after the “Universe Survival Saga” of anime “Dragon Ball Super.” The tagline for the film is “The greatest enemy, Saiyan.” This refers to protagonists Goku and Vegeta encountering a new Saiyan known as Broly. Lovers of the series will see some familiar faces, such as one of the most well-known villains, Frieza, as they learn the history of the Saiyan race.
The creator Akira Toriyama will oversee the movie’s completion, which is going to be his third time doing so.
The film is set to release on December 14 in Japan and January 16 in the United States.

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