K-pop DIYs That Make Great Gifts

We’ve all been there, shopping for the holidays with absolutely no clue what to get for the person on your mind. In the past especially, shopping for a K-pop fan could be difficult and often led to the last resort of ordering something online only for international shipping to take forever and gifts to show up late. Luckily, K-pop fans have learned to get creative over the years and we’ve found a great assortment of DIY projects that we think would make the perfect gift for the K-pop fans in your life! Besides, who doesn’t love a handmade, one-of-a-kind gift for the holidays? Have a look at these three simple and cute ideas to suit your K-pop gifting needs.

DIY Sharpie Mugs

Tips for this project:
The video says to bake the mugs at 425 degrees (F), but most of the tutorials I’ve read elsewhere recommend baking at 350 degrees (F) instead.
WARNING: Make sure you put the mugs into the oven on a sheet and BEFORE you turn the heat on so the ceramic can warm up with the oven, otherwise your mugs could crack and break! Let them cool fully before taking them out for the same reason. Make sure you don’t burn yourself taking the mugs out; ceramic holds heat for a long time!
You can find blank mugs in craft stores like Michael’s at an affordable price. Try oil-based Sharpies or markers because the colors set better into the ceramic.
Play with different colors and designs. Decorate the mugs with logos from your favorite groups, cute shapes or add some song lyrics for a unique touch.

Make a super simple K-pop hat

Tips for this project:
These methods can work for any K-pop logo, so if you don’t have the UV resin from the Red Velvet example, try one of the other versions! Use caution cutting, sewing or using your iron. To personalize the project a little bit, add a group member’s name on the back of the hat. Play with different designs or even add the fandom name somewhere as well!
Places like Walmart or even dollar stores usually carry hats in various colors. To change it up a little and make the gift more “winter” themed, try putting one of the designs on a knit cap/beanie instead and let us know how the results turn out!

Cute K-pop bookmarks

Tips for this project:
A google image search for “magnetic bookmark template” or “K-pop magnetic bookmark” should give you some good options for cute designs and styles to use for this project. You can be as creative as you like. Use group logos, lightstick designs or even pictures of idols for your project. Make sure to use cardstock or thin cardboard as a second layer for your bookmark so it stays sturdy and lasts. When you cut out the design, make sure to leave a small part on either side of the image attached so that the bookmark stays in one piece.
You can find magnetic sheets or strips in the crafts section of most stores or recycle an old refrigerator magnet if you have a bunch already at home! Make sure you attach the magnets so they stick when you place them together over your book page, and not with opposite sides that will push against each other. If you don’t have glossy paper, try carefully laminating your images with clear packing tape before you cut and fold them.
I can’t speak for everyone, but something about making gifts by hand always makes the holidays feel much more festive and fun for me. Are there any other fun K-pop DIY projects that you have gifted to friends or made for yourself in the past? Give these ideas a try and show us your results. Happy holidays and happy creating!

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