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We’ve come to that part of the year where it’s time make promises to ourselves we might or might not keep. The almighty dreaded New Year’s Resolution. For some, it’s to lose all that weight (do it for you, not because someone has told you to. You’re flawless just the way you are!). For others it’s to be more responsible with their finances. Still others have resolved to step outside their comfort zones to try something they might have been too afraid to try in the past. Whatever the reason, we all have things we want to strive for in the coming 365 days. Something that will make the coming year meaningful. We at “MACG Magazine” are no different.
The editors all got together to share what we want to work on as it relates to this thing we’re so passionate about: the Hallyu Wave. It’s a crazy and strange phenomenon that we’ve fallen into. For many fans of this thing that’s starting to take over the world bit by bit, it’s a love/hate sort of relationship. Honestly, it’s sometimes hard to come up with reasons to even stick around. But there’s always that one thing that makes us keep coming back for more. As the years wear on, as we continue to stand with and support the Hallyu Wave and the subsequent artists, shows, movies and people that make it what it is, we have to strengthen our resolve. In the same fashion that we promise ourselves we’ll put away just a little more money, learn how to play an instrument and, yes, better our eating and exercise habits, we make resolutions for things we’re going to explore, learn and even let go of when it comes to the Hallyu Wave.
To that end, Ashley, CyMissa and Shai have set two New Year’s Resolutions specific to the Hallyu Wave.
Ashley: I’d like to go to Dream Concert again next year and want to see MAMA live before I leave this side of the globe.
Cy: My first resolution is actually something I’ve been working on for two years: get closure (for a lot of things). Second, I want grab interviews with Yoon MiraeRico and DEAN.
Missa: For my resolutions, i want to focus on studying and learning Korean more seriously and make to it KCON, finally, in 2019!
Shai: My resolutions also include buckling down on studying Korean and being able to hold a simple conversation with confidence by the end of the year. The second resolution is to be better at supporting girl groups.

With their goals set, their ambition great, let’s all wish them luck in fulfilling their resolutions. What are some of your biggest goals and New Year’s Resolutions for 2019?
Continue to follow Ashley, CyMissa and Shai‘s respective journeys to reaching their goals for 2019!

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