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Ten years. It might not seem like a long time, but for those in the Korean music industry, it’s quite a feat. The music industry in general is a fickle business. Artists and groups come and go as quickly as a record executive can blink his eyes. For any artist to be able to sustain a career for 10 years is commendable. As such, it’s only right that we as a community express our deepest gratitude and adoration for those artists who’ve managed to jump that 10-year hurdle!
As you all might remember, “MACG Magazine” sent out an all-call for fans to show their appreciation for their favorite artists who are celebrating 10 years in the industry. On December 30 at 5PM CST, the first 10-Year Anniversary video project went live on the MACG Productions YouTube channel.

YouTube personalities Simply Jay, B2utifulRoses, Multifacetedacg and fan Cy showed their appreciation for their favorites in the video. Following their enthusiastic messages, there’s a montage of their bias artists from respective debuts to their most recent releases. The Thank You project was launched as a means to let these artists know their fans appreciate everything they’ve done. Not only have they taken on the industry and its roller coaster of pitfalls and letdowns, these artists have created music that will last. Each of them has a discography that highlights their individual artist evolution, their growth and their continued love of the craft. All this, and they all have shown incredible dedication and love to those who’ve helped them stay in this industry for so long: their fans.
From all their fans and the MACG Productions community, 2AM, 2PM, Davichi, IU, Mighty Mouth, SHINee and U-KISS, thank you for everything. Congratulations on a decade’s worth of triumph, success and incredible music. Here’s to 10 more years of greatness.

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