#TBT: DPR Live — 'Playlist'


2018 sure had some interesting videos, yes? For this #TBT, we take a look at the a color piece of R&B-pop compliments of the masterminds at the Dream Perfect Regime (DPR). In June 2018, the poster child of the aesthetic powerhouse, DPR Live, released a tropical house-flavored bit of crazy called “Playlist.”

The MV for “Playlist” quite literally looks like someone had one too many tequila sunrises and just threw up all over it. That’s not necessary me dissing the video (though … yeah, I can see how it might come off that way). But let’s be honest, the color palette lends itself to the comparison. It is quite literally set in Tijuana, or at least has a theme matching some sort of perceived Mexican aesthetic. Even as I say that, I kind of want to cringe on the inside. You have DPR Live himself riding a mule, DPR Cream dressed up in a poncho and sombrero playing a bongo. The love interest is a tanned Korean woman who wears her hair in ribboned braids and sports a ruffled midriff blouse. Then, oh then, there’s the dreadlocked dancer, Harlem shaking his way through a random dance break and the gang of apparent, I don’t know, whimsical troublemakers running around an old-school boombox and small trashcan fire. And … yeah, it really is more cringe inducing than I initially thought.
All that being said, the song itself is pretty decent. As a standalone single, it aligns itself with his most recent fare, namely the aural landscape of last years “Her” EP. The MV, semi-problematic though it might be, does have a delightful color landscape. It’s certainly brighter than most of what DPR consistently produces, making use of the “tequila sunrise” motif to (perhaps over)sell the concept. Though certainly not my favorite MV of 2018, I’m thoroughly invested in pretty much anything the Dream Perfect Regime releases. “Playlist” works on a couple levels for me, namely just the consistency in terms of color selection.
But, hey. If Mexican-inspired aesthetics are your thing, this song and its MV will be right up your alley.

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