We Goin' Grammys: BTS Set to Present at Iconic Awards Show

It seems that once again, SUGA‘s special predictive powers are the hardest-working thing in K-pop as news broke on Monday, Feb. 4, 2019 that BTS are indeed set to hit the Grammy stage this weekend.
Although the group is only presenting, it’s a pretty big deal for the South Korean septet as it marches them ever closer to cementing a coveted position for non-U.S. music groups: acceptance and respect from the industry.
“Variety”¬†tweeted a little after 7:00 p.m. with their exclusive, “BTS (@BTS_twt) to appear at #Grammys,” and fan Twitter promptly melted down, unsure of the veracity of the statement.

However, Tamar Herman of “Billboard,” confirmed it with Big Hit Entertainment shortly thereafter.

While the members have been fairly active over the last few days, keeping the fans updated as to their miscellaneous activities over Seollal, or Lunar New Year, there’s been no public posting regarding the big news from either them or their agency at the time of this article. Newsen, however, has also had confirmation of the news.
So until the boys or Big Hit officially release the news, we’ll just sit here and ponder what stylish outfits they’ll slay the red carpet with this time!
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