Eye Of The Storm Is Coming Your Way


Ladies and gentleman. gather ’round. I’m about to tell you why you need to go see One OK Rock live. Trust me, you’re not going to want to miss this amazing band as they hit North America on another headlining tour. 2017 saw the successful “Ambitions” tour with the release of their album by the same name. I was lucky enough to hit up the Pittsburgh show, and it will forever be a night that lives on strong in my memories. I’ve been following One OK Rock since 2007, not long after they debuted in Japan. “Yume, Yume” was my introduction to their sound, and they quickly became one of the bands that defined my late teen years. They ended up touring with “The Warped Tour” in 2014 (which I never had a chance to go to), and something told me that I would be seeing more of them in America in the future.

It’s almost surreal to me to have seen the progression of this band from where they started to now. I especially felt that way when I was standing at the edge of the stage in Pittsburgh, staring up at Taka and Toru (Ryota was on the other side of the stage) right in front of my face. Teenage me used to watch low-quality fansubbed videos of their interviews and performances. Ten years later, there I was, singing along with them in a crowd of people who I had never met before but who made me feel like I was home. Something about the energy when One OK Rock hits the stage is electrifying. When I think back to that concert, a heavy feeling of passion, and more importantly, shared emotions, is what lingers the most in my mind. When people describe experiences that helped to heal them or shape them into who they have become, I imagine the feeling of those moments must be similar.
Maybe I’m biased. Perhaps my love and pride for this group has given me rose-tinted glasses when I talk about them. Or maybe they really are just a very special group. One of my favorite things about their music is the way they present it. For example, “Ambitions” was something the band created with the idea of being able to sing together with their fans in mind. I can honestly say, having gone to the tour for that album, One OK Rock hit the nail on the head. Every song they performed hooked the crowd and fueled the emotions in the room. Singing along with them felt like putting a few broken pieces of my soul back together. It sounds like I’m exaggerating, but believe me when I say I walked away from that concert with new ambitions (pun intended) of my own.

So imagine my absolute delight when they announced not only a new album but a tour along with it. Surprise! They’re coming to my town and just in time for yours truly to celebrate her birthday! As if I needed an excuse to get a ticket to this show! The new album, titled “Eye Of The Storm” is another testament to One OK Rock’s constantly improving skills and production value. You can always feel the passion the band puts into their music. I’m eager to sing along in the crowd once again. March can’t come soon enough for me.
Do yourself a favor and check out One OK Rock and “Eye Of The Storm.” If you grew up on bands like Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park and The Pillows, One OK Rock is sure to be right up your alley. This album has a slightly mellower vibe than “Ambitions,” but the underlying feeling of seeking something more and reaching for your dreams is still there within the music. Give One OK Rock a chance, and if you like what you hear, try to make it out to see them on tour!
“Eye Of The Storm” kicked off on February 19 in Salt Lake City and will continue across North America through March before the band heads to Asia in April with Ed Sheeran. Then to Europe in May. Don’t miss out on your chance to get tickets! If you’re going, leave us a comment to let us know what stop you’ll be at!

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