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In December 2018, Dominic “Supuriggan” Santiago decided to take his fan commitment to a new level and launched KPop Merchandise Guide. When asked about his goals and aspirations for the site, Supuriggan shared, “I plan to cover all of the official goods (with original infographics) of as many K-pop artists as I can. This is probably the only site like that on the Internet.” As of right now, it appears to be the only one fully committed to organizing details about official bits and bobs from some of the most popular acts in the scene today. At last count he’s already covered Stray Kids, Wanna One, Weki Meki and is working on LOONA next.
One feature of the site that fans might enjoy is the historical context of the merchandise listed on the website. For example, in a breakdown of “Twiceland,” the first concert for JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE in 2017, website visitors can see concert-specific goods. The group has changed concepts multiple times since then, but first achievements are always exciting. Through maintaining images and details about this moment, KPop Merchandise Guide keeps the unique style of merchandise from that era available for the fan base of the nine-member group.

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Optional registration on the website allows users to create a free profile page that includes an avatar, social media links and other details users care to share. “In the future, I’d like to add a function that will allow them to add their favorite articles,” Supuriggan said. “I’m constantly thinking about what kind of (features) to implement.” The site also offers different types of memberships for those who want to contribute to the website.
Visit the Kpop Merchandise Guide to learn more about items such as albums and things associated with groups on global tours, like JYP Entertainment’s Stray Kids.

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