Robyn Remembers: KCON NY 2018


Now for KCON NY 2018!

When the announcement for KCON USA 2018 was made, I instantly knew that I wanted to go to the stop in New York. The main reason behind this was to see if the two conventions are different. That is definitely true. KCON LA is more focused on the idols, whereas KCON NY is more of a friend-making convention. I found that I made more friends at the NY convention compared to the larger convention in LA. Either way, both conventions did their job: spreading the love of K-pop and the Korean culture.

Day 1

On the first official day of the convention, I got to see Pentagon (AND I MEAN ALL OF PENTAGON!) at the Toyota booth. If it wasn’t for my friends from the YouTube channel Your Sweet Guys, who told me that Pentagon would be there, I wouldn’t have been at the barrier at the Toyota booth. After that, I was mostly with Your Sweet Guys as well as Umu and Kevin from ReacttotheK, Nathan from InternetsNathan and PD of Form of Therapy. We ended up going on a little adventure before entering the concert venue. It was my first time meeting Nathan and PD, but I have watched their YouTube channels, so I was familiar with them. After we got into the venue, we went our separate ways to go to our seats, but we would meet up again the following day.
Now, the only way I was able to go to KCON NY was if I bought nosebleed seats. And I did. But it was amazing seeing Pentagon, Stray Kids, Red Velvet, Super Junior and more from the second row of the venue. I definitely lost my mind for Red Velvet, Pentagon and Super Junior. It was a blast.

Day 2

For day two of KCON 2018 NY, my friends and I arrived later, as we were exhausted from the night before. I ended up getting a Wanna One hi-touch, which I was really excited for. So the moment I arrived at the convention, I waited in line for two or three hours for the group’s artist engagement to start. It was amazing, well, other than the fact that I tripped up the stairs in front of my bias, Minhyun. But besides that, Wanna One was so nice and caring. It was great to see them one last time as a group.
After the artist engagement with Wanna One, I wandered around the convention until it was time for my friends’ panel. I stayed for the whole panel, supporting my friends. It definitely ran longer than it was supposed to, but it was worth it. I went up to my friends and congratulated them on an amazing panel. I then left with ReacttotheK, Tucker and Nathan to go chill for a bit before we entered the concert. I also saw Courtney from 2minjinjongkey and we talked for a while. It was nice to catch up with them and see how they felt about the concert the night prior. We entered the venue pretty late, but there was no one in line waiting in security, so we zipped right through. Once again, we parted ways to go to our seats for the concert.
The concert for day two was amazing. Definitely a highlight of the convention. Especially seeing NCT 127 and Wanna One again. Although, I’m still pressed that Wanna One didn’t perform their song “Boomerang.” Let’s just say, I cried when Wanna One performed their debut song, “Energetic.” When the concert was over, I went outside to say goodbye to everyone. They were really sad to hear that I wouldn’t be attending KCON LA that year, but I explained to them that I was going on a big trip to see GOT7 in Houston in July. They understood, so we hugged each other and went our own ways.
Those were my experiences at both KCON LA and KCON NY. They were definitely amazing. I felt like I could be myself at this convention and see people that I have watched on YouTube and who have watched me as well. I’m really looking forward to seeing the lineup for this year’s KCON and hoping, HOPING that I’ll be able to go.
Here’s a playlist of my KCON 2017 and 2018 experience!

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