[GUEST] Top 3 OSTs That Made Me Fall in Love with K-dramas


This guest entry was written by blogger Yohana Belinda, owner of the website +THEGOODTHEWEIRD+. Views and opinions expressed in this entry are solely those of the guest contributor.
The K-pop industry is known to be influential all around the world. It kind of makes it seem like there are no barriers. In the last several years, it has also helped to remove negative stereotypes about Asian music. K-dramas are a big part of the Hallyu Wave, and that means K-pop has an even bigger role in the industry.
With that in mind, are three of my favourite OSTs from some of my favourite K-dramas.

01 Stay With Me

Anyone who loves Gong Yoo or Lee Dong-wook must have watched this drama. “Goblin” (also known as “Guardian: The The Lonely and Great God”) was one of the most successful K-dramas from 2017. The whole soundtrack is really amazing; however, for me this song really stands out the most. I mean the emotion was there, and it gives you a dreamy feel. The Goblin drama is based on fantasy. Hence it’s the most perfect soundtrack for me.

02 Perhaps Love

I was in primary 1 when “Boys Over Flowers” came out, but Ju Ji-hoon’s impact on the cinema world has been incredible. So to hear this soundtrack just gives me chills. It’s romantic in some ways. It also makes me realize that the trend of K-drama OSTs has actually been around for a long time in South Korea, but it wasn’t as popular as it is now.

03 The First Word

Last but not least is the song called “The First Word” by Song Yuvin from boy group MYTEEN. It’s for the drama “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.” This drama was famous in 2018. In 2013, author Jung Kyung-yoon published the novel of the same name. The novel was then turned into a webtoon. That webtoon-adapted drama captured the fans’ hearts with the chemistry between the main characters, played by Park Seo-jun and Park Min-young.
What are some of your favourite K-drama OSTs? Is there anyone not watching the dramas but listening to their songs?
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