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Recently I have gotten into Filipino romantic comedies, so I thought it would be fun to review one with my friend, Wendilynn! We’re talking about “You’re My Boss” today. It’s a fun romantic-comedy with a slow start but a rewarding ending.
Warning: there will be spoilers. Read with discretion.
Wendilynn: Slow start is right. Georgina (Toni Gonzaga) was absolutely awful in the beginning. I will be the first to admit I hated her right from the start. She was rude and dismissive to everyone around her. And can we talk about the huge sexual harassment lawsuit she’d have to deal with if she was a man and treated his female assistant the way she did with him? Oh my gosh…

Amy: I tried to watch this movie once before, but I couldn’t get past the beginning because of Georgina. I get that she wanted to treat other people badly because she was feeling bad about herself, but I don’t think that type of behavior is acceptable. Oh yes. The feeling up of Pong (Coco Martin) to see if he was truly a size large as he stated. It was obvious he enjoyed it, but enjoyment or not it wasn’t right. If she had been a male she definitely would have been reported. I did, however, appreciate Pong’s makeover and Georgina’s makeunder, since it’s usually the other way around.
Wendilynn: Once he gets her to dress down as the “assistant,” the movie started getting better. She stops treating him like an idiot and that helps. I couldn’t understand why she was treating him so poorly in the first place. She was told by Sir Albert(Freddie Webb) that Pong was the guy who knew everything in the company, but because he was wearing baggy clothing, she instantly dismissed him. You’d think she’d know, being the marketing director, that Pong was more important to Sir Albert than how she first treated him. Once he stood up for himself, though, the movie really started to change.
Amy: I really appreciated that Pong had the guts to stand up for himself instead of doing everything that Georgina said just because she is his boss and he has a crush on her. Puppies who follow their masters around are adorable, but they can get annoying as well. I REALLY got annoyed when Georgina wouldn’t let Pong take a vacation that he had planned six months prior to visit his family. “I don’t take vacations or weekends, so you can’t.” Like, what kind of nonsense is that? She really has an “I’m miserable, so everyone around me should be miserable too” mentality.
Wendilynn: I also was mad at that. They do explain why she was so awful later though. Once they started being honest with each other, her behavior became more understandable. The movie could have played up the random people who kept talking about how Pong had this office crush on her. She seemed to roll with it more patiently, where she could have really teased him about it. But it always seemed to happen when she was feeling her most vulnerable.

Amy: The office crush talk happened when she was vulnerable, and I think Georgina was also still not sure if she was over Gino (JM de Guzman) or not. She wanted Gino to wait for her, but like Pong said, love doesn’t always wait. I so enjoyed watching Pong getting Georgina to slow down in Batanes and seeing her slowly open up. Also, the scenery was beautiful, and I may or may not have looked up airline tickets to Manila to get an idea of how much a trip there would cost.
Wendilynn: Yes, Batanes is worth being a bucket list location. It was absolutely gorgeous. Really reminded me of some of the visuals you get in “Moana.” Those mountains rising out of the sea. Oh, so beautiful. I think Pong’s idea to help her over her ex-boyfriend was pretty effective in helping her relax, too.
Amy: Oh yes! I forgot about that! Pong letting Georgina text him as if he was Gino was the sweetest thing, and I loved the exchange. Especially when Pong’s phone ran out of credit and he had to run out to buy more. I thought he was going to her house at 2:30 in the morning! Ha-ha! Oh, and Pong’s smile is just too sweet when he is looking at Georgina. When she said his smile made him more handsome I completely agreed with her.

Wendilynn: Pong was a total sweetheart. That smile was killer. I’d be hard-pressed to stay mad at him if we ever had an argument and he smiled at me like that. I had to laugh at the phone snafu… She already knew Pong might have a crush on her after hearing his friend talk about how he’d always talk about her.
Amy: I think Pong was the best thing about the movie from his honesty to the way he treated his family. He was the absolute sweetest. I enjoyed Georgina’s growth, but I was really invested in the movie because of Pong.
Wendilynn: I agree with you, Pong saves this movie. However, there was one point about Georgina that I appreciated. Usually, a character as driven and arrogant as she was has a severe lack of self-awareness. She seemed to understand herself very well. However poorly she treated the people around her, she was fully aware of her own culpability in all of it. That was her one saving grace.
Amy: I didn’t even think about that! You do have a point. Her speech with Albert at the end about how she knew what she was doing and why she was doing it was very good. To her, work is life. She wanted to be respected again after the viral video of her yelling at customers. Pong brought up a good point: The company is family to Georgina. When she hugged Albert and he wouldn’t let her go I had a big smile on my face.

Wendilynn: That’s what is surprising about this movie. You start out hating the movie, but you end the movie with a huge smile and just loving it. Not too many movies can successfully navigate that dichotomy. Usually, if you don’t like the movie in the beginning, you don’t like the movie at the end either.
Amy: Yes! I absolutely love it when that happens in both movies and TV shows. Good character growth is so important, and it gets ignored too much. When Georgina went after Pong to get him to stay I was afraid it would be the cliché she didn’t catch him and we would have to wait, so I was pleasantly surprised. I understood why she had to see Gino again and appreciated that she was honest with Pong about it. Seeing Gino finally made her recognize all of Pong’s good qualities and what he brought out in her. It was a touching love confession.
Wendilynn: Very touching. The movie really has a sweet heart.

Have an of our readers seen “You’re My Boss”? What were your thoughts?
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