K-pop Katch-up: KHAN — 'I'm Your Girl'

As a K-pop fan, I tend to be more drawn toward boy groups, which means that I can often miss out on some really good music. So as a personal challenge to myself and to broaden my musical horizon, I am going to dedicate my next round of K-pop Katch-up articles to female soloists and girl groups!

First up, we have KHAN‘s “I’m Your Girl.” It was released eleven months ago following a series of successful videos in which the group covered a number of current popular songs including, Maren Morris‘s “The Middle,” BTS‘s “Fake Love” and Clean Bandit‘s “Rockabye,” among others. KHAN is housed under Maroo Entertainment and made up of two former members of The Ark, Kim Euna and Jeon Minju.

Having seen the lovely diversity of styles on their covers, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with their debut single, “I’m Your Girl.” But as I always look forward to new (to me) music, it was easy to dive right in.

My initial thoughts upon the first viewing was mild disappointment. While members Euna and Munji sound great together (as known from the aforementioned covers), the song itself is pretty standard K-pop fare. The lyrics themselves play out pretty simple as well: “Hey, we had this moment together, and I want something more. The ball is in your court. Let me know if you want me to love you.”

All of this is not necessarily a bad thing — there’s a reason we all love K-pop, right? It’s just that knowing what these artists are capable of makes it feel like they kept it a little too safe, in my opinion.

That being said, there are a number of things that I really liked about the music video. There’s an obvious chemistry between Euna and Minju, and it shines very brightly on the screen. I almost wouldn’t expect this song to have choreography, but this is K-pop, so it does. But it’s wonderfully fluid and smooth like KHAN’s vocals. A surprising, perfect fit.

Going back to the chemistry that I mentioned, I have to say I think that was my favorite thing. The end of the music video plays out in a nice girls-supporting-girls way: the shot of cutting the hair as a means of letting go and starting anew; the dancing and hugs and bright smiles. It might just be my own rainbow-colored glasses, but the last few scenes hold a soft sensuality that possibly hints at something more than just friends. Either way, the music video really helps uplift the tameness of the song itself.

So, overall not amazing, but not terrible? Hopefully in the future we’ll see KHAN taking a few more musical risks, showing what they’re truly capable of and putting themselves at the top where they belong.

Life moves fast. K-pop moves faster. K-pop Katch-up is a weekly feature that offers a second chance on that one music video that got away!

(YouTube [1][2], Maroo Entertainment.)

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  1. For example, the part where she’s holding the dude’s hand while looking at Minju and Minju looking back sadly and then she lets go his hand and just the whole deal with the lyrics “we weren’t drunk” really gives off the vibe that she probably left the dude to be with her girl best friend. Maybe I’m just super queer, but I truly believe if people don’t see the blatant gayness in this debut, they’re just in denial. So, i think they took great risks. Of course in interviews they’ll see “it’s up to interpretation” but AHEM

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