'He Is Psychometric' Episodes 1-8 Review: Lives Entwined By a Deadly Fate


A grisly murder, a fire and a desperate jump for survival bind together three people in a race for survival that could destroy them all. The key to their survival is a boy who can read the emotional memories attached to any person or object just by touching them. His gift is elusive, however, but he has people who believe in him. Can they win against a serial killer bent on obsession and control? C.C. Farmer and I, Wendilynn, review our impressions of the first half of “He is Psychometric.”

C.C. Farmer: A serial killer bent on obsession and control. I like that statement. Two episodes ago I would have been very leery about saying that, but now that we have seen the man’s face and know all the stab wounds are similar I can agree with it.
Wendilynn: I thought the beginning of the show was pretty good at setting up our characters and how they relate to each other. The building mystery of the serial killer and who he is also was built well. I just can’t imagine what our Prosecutor Kang Sung-mo (Kim Kwon) went through when we realize the abuse he has suffered.

C.C. Farmer: In the U.S.A., one-third of the women killed are by a lover. This statistic keeps circling in my mind every time we have a well-placed flashback but nobody knows the identity of the man who obsesses over the prosecutor and the people around him. I was struck by the cold statement from Prosecutor Kang that he will kill the man. This puts more pressure on our boy Lee An (Jinyoung) to help Prosecutor Kang unlock his emotions so that he doesn’t turn into a murderer. I think it would be nice. A life for a life. Though, do you think Yoon Jae-in (Shin Ye-eun) will be the one to unlock those emotions first?
Wendilynn: While our dear prosecutor is emotionally stunted for obvious reasons, he seems to have an emotional connection with both Yoon Jae-in and Detective Eun Ji-Soo (Kim Da-som). And our boy Lee An isn’t about to keep him at arm’s length. As much as he may not be able to reciprocate physically, it’s clear he cares for these three people in his own way.

C.C. Farmer: I have to say that GOT7’s Jinyoung has me comparing him to Park Hyung-sik from the drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.” He has a fun, loveable feel but is very, very loyal to those around him. His gas owner best friend has similar facial characteristics to Kang Min-hyuk from a … different K-pop group. And Mr. Psychometric has done a good job of keeping loyal friends around him. Gas owner is one of them. Oh my goodness, did you see the episode where the librarian thought that he was cheating on his “lover”? That was the best confession scene ever!
Wendilynn: Jinyoung has been absolutely adorable as Lee An this whole show. He’s so earnest in the simpleton way he goes about doing things that you just can’t help but love him. Because we know how much they lost right from the beginning, that he loves deeply those around him is very understandable. He refuses to be alone again.

C.C. Farmer: And he was sorry to the dog because he touched it, and because he was a monster, when he touches things they leave him. And now as we are hurtling into the last section of the drama he is becoming more angel than monster. Though I never saw him as a monster. A boy who needed to study more but never a monster. The true monster carries shackles with him.
Wendilynn: The true monster is a demented, obsessive stalker. I have to wonder, did he ever successfully kill our prosecutor’s mother, or is she now living in hiding? There are times when I wonder if the woman who seems to be living so many different stolen lives, who seems to be the stalker killing everyone around her, is really his mother. But if that’s the case, why would he get rid of that agency that handles stolen IDs if his mother was using them? Or did she die in that apartment fire in the beginning? For some reason, I don’t feel our stalker is just after our prosecutor. I feel that he’s still hunting the mother.

C.C. Farmer: Supposedly the mother died in the fire. But somewhere there is more to learn about mother. Right now he has chosen to reveal himself to Jae-in. What does this mean? Is he checking genetic compatibility for possible future children to torture? Does he feel a thrill when he takes down people who have formed a close relationship with him? There is much I am wondering!
Wendilynn: Well, so far, he hasn’t attacked anyone close to the prosecutor other than the mother. He’s stalking the prosecutor, he wants him to know he’s there, but the fact that he’s let him grow up is an odd one for me. After everything that he’s done to traumatize our poor prosecutor, I can’t even begin to guess where this is going. I feel like all these middle episodes just leave me gaping in surprise each week.

Those are our thoughts for the first half of this intriguing show. What were you’re first impressions of the show? Join us next time as we review the second half of this show and we get to see just how Lee An, Sung-mo, Jae-in and Ji-soo catch our serial killer. And at what cost? 
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