NCT 127, a group from SM Entertainment, started their first ever US tour in late April. Many NCTzens (the group’s fandom name) were surprised and excited to hear that the group was coming to the United States and were raving about it on multiple social media platforms. Upon hearing the news about the tour, I didn’t think it was possible for me to go as the date I wanted to go to (Dallas) was in the middle of the week and right before my college finals. But eventually one thing lead to another, and the day before the concert, I snagged a P1 ticket.
Now, I have been fortunate to see NCT 127 two times prior to their US tour. I saw them at KCON LA 2017 and KCON NY 2018. Because I had already seen the group twice, I thought I knew what I was getting myself into when going to the concert. But I was COMPLETELY wrong. Nothing could have prepared me for what was going to happen that night.
The concert started promptly at 7:30 pm CST, and all of the light sticks in the room automatically synced together and were turned off. After their intro VCR for the concert, the boys came out on stage and performed the English version of their hit song, “Cherry Bomb.” The Verizon Theater roared in excitement, and light sticks were blinking along to the beat as the group was giving it their all during the performance. It was a really intense experience, something I’ve never felt before at a concert. So many people beside me were losing their minds for the boys as they were their top favorite group, whereas I was there just to enjoy the music and listen to some songs I’d never heard before.
NCT 127 performed a lot of amazing songs like their title tracks “Limitless,” “Regular (English Version),” “Touch,” “Simon Says” and more. But they also made sure to slow it down in the middle of the concert with their songs “Timesless,” “Angel” and “No Longer.” Of course toward the end, they performed their more energetic songs like “Good Thing” “and Mad City.” The group also performed and showed the music video to their new songs, set to release on May 24. They performed “Superhuman,” which is the title track of their comeback. Then they showed the music video for their song “Highway To Heaven” that will also be on their upcoming. They are really nice songs, and I’m looking forward to downloading them on Apple Music when the album releases.
After the members gave some words, hit “The Woah” a few times and made sure to remind everyone that we were in Texas by constantly saying “Yee-haw,” they left the stage. But NCTzens were not ready for the concert to be over. They were chanting “Encore” and “NCT” constantly until the boys came back out for their final two songs, “Summer 127” and “0 Mile.” During “Summer 127,” the members came out in the tour merch and had plastic balls the members signed to throw out into the audience. Yuta actually threw one right toward me, but it fell short a few rows in front of me. After “Summer 127” was done, the members said their thank-yous and gave quick speeches. Can I just say, I have never heard so many people scream for Johnny in my entire life. Dallas absolutely loved him, and he was definitely shocked when the whole theater erupted any time he talked. They then performed their last song, “0 Mile,” and it was definitely bittersweet. But it definitely was a fun song to end the concert with.
Seeing NCT 127 again was definitely an experience, and a fun one at that. If they ever come back, I would highly suggest you consider going. They will knock your socks off!
(Photos by Robyn.)

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