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We’re now in a very exciting and unique time in K-pop. While there’s a whole host of scandals and seemingly self-fulfilling prophecies as the older guard gets obliterated, there are even more fans of the genre who just want to have fun!

Enter K-pop Meetup Group K-pop757! This special group of fans took it upon themselves to get K-pop back to a gentler time among fandoms. Where we could all come together in our kindred K-pop spirits and just dance! On June 29, the group is hosting the K-pop Dance Break! One of the members of the group and member of the MACG Community, Sara Layne, answered a few questions about K-pop757 and their exciting dance party!

Could you tell us a bit about the K-pop Meetup Group?

Sure! The meetup group is called K-pop757. It’s based in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, and we’ve been around, officially, since April 2018, unofficially, since December 2017. We like to host different types of meetups that cater to those who have a love of K-pop.

When did this dance event get started?

This is actually our second dance event. The first one was on March 8 of this year (2019). It got started because we wanted to have a place where we could listen to K-pop and dance the night away (pun intended). The closest place to do that was four hours away. We decided to give it a try and see how a dance night would do in our area. It turns out, lots of people were excited to have one in the area!

When did you get involved with this K-pop meetup group?

I got involved in July of 2018. I attended their vigil for Jonghyun the December before and really liked how well put together it was. When they put out on social media that they were looking for team members, I signed up.

What are some of the most memorable events this K-pop meetup group has had in the past?

Like I said before, my first meetup with them was the Jonghyun vigil. That was such a sensitive time for everyone and a very important time. On a brighter note, the first K-Dance Break did extremely well. I had never had any experience with putting on a dance, so I was really nervous about it. But everything went over well, and we even ended up in the local paper.

What can people expect from this particular dance event?

Hopefully, people will be able to meet like-minded individuals that love what they love. It can be hard finding people who also like K-pop in your local area, especially when you don’t live in a metropolitan area like NYC or LA. This dance can help you find people who like what you like.

Additionally, who doesn’t like to shake a tail feather to some great music every now and then?

Could you maybe give us a sneak peek about some future events for the K-pop meetup group? Any ideas in the works (if you can’t give details)?

We are working really hard on K-Dance Break 2 to make sure that it does well. After that we have a few things planned for the rest of the year that include a KBBQ & Noreabang event. Please follow us on social media so you can get all the updates!

Where can people learn more about this K-pop meetup group and the dance event?

Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date on all things K-pop757.

K-pop 757’s K-Dance Break 2 takes place on Saturday, June 29 at 9PM at Charlies American Cafe. It’s an 18+ event, you have your IDs ready! You can get Advance Tickets between now and June 28!

You can get more information about the event and ticketing on Facebook. You can get tickets at Eventbrite.


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