K-pop Social Night & Robyn Rush Bring the Random Dance Party to Dallas!


And the dance parties keep on coming! K-pop Social Night (formerly K-pop Skate Night) has been a staple in the Dallas area for five years. This year, KPSN has teamed up with YouTube personality, Hallyu fanatic and MACG Community member Robyn Rush to bring the Random Dance Party! This will be an occasion to remember!

Robyn took a bit of time out to answer some questions about the event and her involvement with KPSN!

Could you tell us in your own words about K-Pop Social Night (KPSN)?

KPSN is an event group organized by MACG Productions. They host a lot of K-pop events all over the States to bring people who enjoy K-pop together.

Can you tell us a little bit about this Random Dance Party?

This Random Play Dance Party will be held in Dallas, TX on July 2, 2019. It will be at the Trinity Groves Boardwalk at 4 pm CST. It will be around 30 mins long with a lot of different K-pop groups’ songs playing. I’m really hoping for a big turnout.

How long have you been involved with KPSN?

This is my first event with KPSN, so I haven’t been involved with them for long. I’m really excited that they will be helping me out with this, and I hope I get a big turnout for this event.

Is this your first Random Dance Party?

Check out Robyn’s experience at Lubbock-Con 2019!

This is not my first Random Dance Party, but this will be my first one in Dallas! I did one last year at Lubbock-Con 2018 for my panel, and it was a lot of fun. So I’m definitely looking forward to the one in Dallas!! The Dance

Party coincides with GOT7’s Dallas stop on their “KEEP SPINNING” World Tour (which is July 3). Might the dance party be GOT7 themed?

Well … for those who don’t know me, I am definitely a huge IGOT7, and I’m really looking forward to seeing them on July 3rd in Dallas! Let’s just say … there are definitely going to be A LOT of GOT7 songs in the mix.

Any memorable moments from the Dance Parties you’ve thrown in the past?

I think the most memorable moment would have to be everyone showing and expressing their love for the genre and their favorite groups by dancing (or trying to dance) to something they love. I really enjoy seeing people meet other people who have same interest.

Where can people learn about KPSN? And the Random Dance Party?

They can learn about KPSN by following them on their social media accounts and stay updated with upcoming events.

As with the dance party, the flyer basically says it all, but if people have any questions, they can DM me on Twitter or Instagram @robynlrush or email me at my business email robynrush98@hotmail.com.


Come out to the festivities! It’s an event for all ages, so be sure to bring all your friends and dance the night away to all of your favorite K-pop groups and artists!

As Robyn said, keep up-to-date with MACG Productions and all their events on Facebook and Instagram!

You can also learn more about GOT7’s “KEEP SPINNING” tour and get your tickets at VIP Nation.

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