Arthdal Chronicles Episode 3-4 Review Part 1: The Great White Wolf

These episodes were not short on twists, turns, tribal political intrigue and high drama in Arth. The fate of the Wahan tribe still rests in Eun Seom’s hands, and he’s still figuring out who he is and what he’s capable of. Join Wendilynn and me, Kate, as we discuss these episodes of “The Arthdal Chronicles.”

Wendilynn: Let me tell you, this was a ride. I’m usually not big into political dramas, but for some reason, the hate triangle between Tagon (Jang Dong Gun), his father, (Kim Eui Sung) and the high priest, Asa Ron (Lee Do Kyung), kept me intrigued. 

Kate: I like that Tagon’s character is complicated. Sure, I’m not happy with how he’s treated the Wahun tribe, but I think if his father had them in his hands, they may even be worse off. He doesn’t seem to be a good or honest leader, so I’m rooting for Tagun at least part of the time. I’m definitely conflicted.

Wendilynn: I was watching this with my 14-year-old son, and he was outraged by the slavery and beatings. I was sort of glad that they didn’t include the rape that would be going on in this situation under normal circumstances, especially for our very beautiful female lead. I agree that Tagon’s story does make you sort of root for him. He’s certainly the least rotten of the lot. I’m rooting for Tanya’s (Kim Ji Won) curse to come home to roost in that jerk that set all the children on fire. 

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Kate: I am glad that Tanya has grabbed onto her power. It’s coming from a place of fear and anger, but she is doing her best to do what she can to protect her people and her mentor. I’m not sure she fully believes in her ability to make that curse real, but she believes in her power much more than she did last week. With just a little more faith in herself, she will be a formidable Great Mother to her people.

Wendilynn: That was a fabulous scene. I think she was using her role as future Great Mother to help her people not succumb to fear because their Great Mother was dying. But I think she was also playing on the superstitious elements of the people, even in the guards. They don’t understand how curses work, so anyone making any type of curse is going to spook them. I think she played on that to get them to not kill the dying woman.

It was just fascinating to see their Great White Wolf actually show up to give power to her words. I know I wasn’t expecting to see that at all. And after we learn what the Great Mother revealed about her ability to dream, I don’t think she was expecting to see him either. 

Kate: The religion is still really intriguing to me too. The Wahan and the Hwinsan tribes seem to share elements of their religion. Those water dances look the same, for example. I wonder if that may play a role sometime in the future or what that says about the past of these tribes other than an ancestral connection. I’m not entirely sure how much longer the religion will last among the Hwinsan after that climactic scene near the end when they massacred the priests for supporting Tagon.

Wendilynn: Well, we know that the Wahan are the same people as the Arthdal Union. They are just a tribe who left for whatever reason. When Moo Baek (Park Hae Joon), who is acting as our narrator, found their sacred tree and that disk, it was clear that their religions are based on the same thing, ’cause he knew what that was. I know that there was mention of the Great White Wolf leaving, and so we are to assume that the Wolf traveled with the people who became the Wahan. The Wolf is clearly watching over them.

As for our corrupt priest … I’m ready to see the Gods hold him responsible for the corruption. As it is, he’s not able to have direct dreams with them, so we know he’s not as favored as he wishes he was. I’m really wanting to see what Tanya does in that temple.

Join us for part 2 as we continue our conversation of episodes 3-4.


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