[PRESS RELEASE] DAY6’s ‘Gravity’ World Tour Comes to the USA!


LOS ANGELES, CA (July 1, 2019)JYP Entertainment and SubKulture Entertainment are thrilled to announce that five-member K-pop band DAY6 will be returning to the U.S. with DAY6 WORLD TOUR”GRAVITY”!

Following the success of their first fanmeet tour “DAY6 LIVE & MEET IN NORTH AMERICA” 2017 and first world tour DAY6 FIRST WORLD TOUR “YOUTH’ IN NORTH AMERICA last year, the boys will be hitting seven Stateside cities for a total of nine shows!

This will be the second time the quintet of musicians will be visiting their fans in the United States. Combined with a stop in Canada, their North American tour only came through Minneapolis, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. This time, the band has made it clear they want to visit more of their fans over a longer period of time.

DAY6 has been a consistent fan favorite since their debut in 2014. Their band dynamic combined with their pop idol sensibilities have endeared them to millions of fans all over the world. As JYP’s first and so far only foray into the pop-rock world, the band has helped usher in a new generation of artists who might not exactly fit the idol mold but who have the talent to appeal to the same masses are their idol peers.

Along with the antics of their Korean-American guitarist and vocalist, Park Jae-hyung, most commonly known as simply Jae, DAY6 has well earned their status as one of the most anticipated bands on tour this year.

Some of the cities included on this leg of their world tour include New York, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles. The US tour begins in New York on Thursday, Sept. 12 at the Playstation Theater. Get ready, all you My Days out there. DAY6 is coming to a city near you this fall! Get your wallets (and your hearts) ready!


For future updates about the tour, including ticketing info, please stay updated with SubKulture Entertainment’s social media channels!

(Pictures via SubKulture, YouTube.

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