Artists to Look Out For: Juhwan


It’s been a while, y’all. Welcome back to Artist to Look Out For, the series where we uncover talent we believe you should take a look at!

This week, we’re looking at Korean-Canadian artist Kim Juhwan.

I’m just gonna go ahead and say it: Juhwan is an absolute cinnamon roll! There’s something so pure and light about him. Something that has gained him a following of dedicated fans — whom he lovingly calls his “Hwanies.”

That being said, he is overall mostly unknown to pop music fans. Born in Busan, South Korea, his family moved to Vancouver when he was only eight years old. He’s been doing artist covers on his YouTube channel for three years, just his soft voice and an acoustic guitar on display.

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He doesn’t have much in the way of original music at this point. He’s released a couple acoustic instrumentals and has released a few freestyles on his Soundcloud. Then in January of this year, he released what might be considered his first “single,” “Reason to Like.” It’s a cute song on par with singer/songwriter pop diddies from some of your favorite indie artists.

Being fluent in both Korean and English, it’s no surprise that Juhwan’s repertoire consists of both Korean and English-speaking artists. In fact, his most popular videos come from his competent covers of K-pop idol groups and artists such as EXO, Hwa Sa and BTS. He’s also gotten a lot of attention for his covers of Western artists like Ed Sheeran, Khalid and Billie Eilish.

Beyond his obvious musical aspirations, Juhwan has a keen desire to have a personal connection with all his fans. His Facebook and Tik Tok pages are a testament to just how much he loves interacting with his fans. With his recently uploaded introductory video on YouTube, he’s announced that he’ll be letting fans and newcomers alike even deeper into his world with vlogs of his personal adventures with his friends, more original work and even his own brand of Korean lessons!

Juhwan is still just starting his journey as an artist. In his own words:

My goal and dream is to be a storyteller. I want to help this world and you guys with my music and my positivity.

With the work he’s done for the past three years and his continued desire to grow and create, there’s no doubt in my mind that his recognition will only increase. Be on the lookout for more work from this young man!

Keep up with Juhwan and his journey!
Facebook 1 (Official group page), 2 (Official artist page)
Tik Tok

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