GOT7 ‘Keep Spinning World Tour’ 2019 in Dallas


K-pop boy group GOT7 makes their rounds back to America this summer for their “Keep Spinning World Tour.” GOT7, who is under JYP Entertainment, is really well known internationally, especially in North America. The North American leg of their tour included cities like Newark, Toronto, Dallas, Los Angeles and Oakland. I had the amazing opportunity to see them in Dallas as I’m not too far from there (unless you consider a five-and-a-half-hour drive far). Here’s a bit of a recap of the show.

The Concert

GOT7 opened with their newest comeback, “Eclipse,” which was written and produced by leader JB. They continued to keep the energy up by performing “Out,” which was written by member Jackson, then followed up with “Never Ever.” During “Never Ever” the fanchant for the song was definitely insane. GOT7 even posted a video of it on their Instagram and Twitter.

Not going to lie, a good majority of the concert after the opening songs was a blur for me. I was just so amazed to see them live once again. They also performed “Skyway,” “Stop Stop It Remix” and “1 Degree.” By this point, I was just enjoying their vocals and visuals. They were on the main stage, and my seat (which was on the floor, by the way) was by the extended stage.

And then … it was about time for Robyn to stop breathing and die.

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… And Then I Died

The next song they performed was “Sign,” which was composed by member Youngjae. I was in awe. I have been wanting to see this song live since I first heard it on the “Flight Log: Arrival” album. During the song, the members moved around the stage. In the beginning, Jackson was in front of me, but when the members moved, it ended up being Mark with Jinyoung to the side. When the song hit the bridge, Jinyoung looked over to my section, saw me and just stared. LIKE … THE BOY JUST STARED AT ME.


He then went to sing his part. When he was done, he looked back at me to make sure that I was only paying attention to him and not Mark. Like, dang … I know you know me, Jinyoung, but like … did you really have to kill me like that?

The next song they performed was “I Am Me” which was written by Jinyoung. This is probably one of my top five favorite songs by GOT7, so to see it live was amazing. The next song was “Come On” which was written by JB (a good majority of the songs performed were written by JB). This was another song that killed me. Jinyoung decided it would be fun to continue to tease me. At the end of the dance, he ended up being positioned right in front of me and continued to stare, make hand gestures, and then ultimately gave me a finger heart. DEATH.

When I thought I would be able to recover … oh honey, I was way wrong. The next song they performed was “Just Right.” The members had a lot of fun with this song. They walked around the stage and interacted with fans. Of course, toward the end … AGAIN, Jinyoung just stared at me. Then I proceeded to stare back at him. It was a staring battle until the death. He definitely won though.

Emotions Are High

After “Just Right,” they performed “Paradise,” which is my second favorite song by GOT7. I just watched in awe again. Then they went back to the main stage and talked for a bit. I don’t remember much than just laughing because GOT7 are such dorks. Then they decided to make me cry by performing my all-time favorite song in all of K-pop: “Thank You.” I literally cried so much. Then they performed “Save You,” and that is when Jackson saw me and literally did a double take. It was definitely interesting to see.

The the boys went back to the main stage and performed “Teenager,” “Page,” “Look,” “Lullaby” and “Hard Carry.” After that, they left the stage and a VCR played. It was definitely the funniest video I’ve seen.

The boys came back out in the tour merch and performed “Miracle.” I almost cried, but I pulled through.


After “Miracle,” the boys made their final speeches. Mark talked about how amazing the concert was and how they missed Dallas. Bambam told the fan boys to scream ,”Hell yeah!” and was shocked about how many boys were there. He also mentioned that he had the most fun at the Dallas stop out of all of the other cities they’ve been. Jackson gave encouraging words. JB told us that he’s ready to comeback. Youngjae promised they will come back to Dallas. Yugyeom said the concert was so amazing. Lastly, Jinyoung said that he loves Dallas and that they promise to comeback with a new album. I definitely cried during Jinyoung’s speech.

The Finale

After that, it was time for the encore songs. They performed “Fly,” “Go Higher,” “Shopping Mall” and “Before the Full Moon Rises.” It was definitely a blast. Jinyoung stared at me a lot at the end. He even threw water on me. I also danced with Bambam and Yugyeom, and Bambam recognized me. That was insane.


It was nice to see the boys again. They have definitely grown up since the first time I saw them. I will always say this: If you haven’t seen GOT7, you NEED to. You definitely won’t regret it.

I vlogged the concert as well as have an experience video and concert video on my YouTube channel. If you would like to go check them out click here.

(Images via Robyn, Twitter, YouTube [1][2][3][4].)

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