Arthdal Chronicles Episodes 3-4 Review Part 2: Power Struggles


Our discussion of the power struggles between Asa Ron, Mihol, San Woong (Kim Eui Sung), Tagon (Jang Dong Gun) and our heroes Eun Seom (Song Joong Ki) and Tanya continue in episodes three and four of “Arthdal Chronicles.”

Picking up from our conversation in Part 1.

Wendilynn: I’m really wanting to see what Tanya (Kim Ji Won) does in that temple. 

Kate: Or what she does with it! She may surprise herself and everyone else if she can use it to focus her power further. Speaking of surprises, Eun Seom was continually surprised at the things he discovered in Arth. I thought it was instructive for him to start with his wonder at the people riding horses and the technology of that elevator, but then to have the slavery and abuse revealed next. Those wonders in the city, the wealth, the technology, has been built on the horrors you mentioned earlier of slave and child labor. He objects to it so deeply he wants to stop it immediately.

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This impulsiveness is tempered, though, by the intervention of Asa Moo(?). He seems to be setting up a future triangle between them and Tanya, but her character is in an interesting spot too. She has some small manner of authority at least, but she also seems to question or doubt some of the abuses in her society. Maybe she can help Eun Seom be strategic about making some big structural changes in Arth!

Wendilynn: The priest girl is Lady Chae Eun (Ko Go Byeul), I think was her name. Asa Moo (Park Ji Wan) was the oracle girl. I think that’s the name. Lol ANYWAY, she will be a good ally, I think. Right now, Eun Seom is ready to burn Arth to the ground, especially after he saw the child slaves. Even my son asked me if people really do that to kids. He didn’t like my answer.

What I thought was fun was how Eun Seom put his “learn by seeing once” to good use in fighting. He copied the soldiers and it worked well for him. He even was able to counteract the steel chain whip from Yangcha (Ki Do Hoon) that took Tanya from him in Episode 2. So, that makes me curious about how his fight with Tagon will work since he’ll be learning as he fights him.

Kate: Tagon has been mistreated by his father and faced adversity in his life. Maybe Tagun will realize his terrible actions and ally with Eun Seom to set things right. Then again, maybe all the politics and machinations of his father will distract Tagun long enough for Eun Seom to gain some ground against Tagon. I suppose even both options could be possible.

I’m worried for the Wahun tribe in other ways too. If they do get free, will they decide it’s time to domesticate animals or cultivate plants? It’s hard to unsee all those wonders they’ve seen in Arth. Might they be willing to give up their spiritual codes to own land and have all these wonders for themselves, even in revenge?

Wendilynn: Their journey can’t help but change them. But remember, they have rules against doing things like owning land and planting crops, and since they are technically required to be slaves on plantations, I’m thinking they will learn why it was considered evil by their ancestors. When they saw their friend get beheaded, I think that was when they realized just how cheap the guards think of their lives. It’s hard to deal with people when they think you have no value. 

Kate: Tagun isn’t the only complex character. Taealha (Kim Ok Vin) is definitely up to something. I know she’s working as a spy in some way, but her feelings for Tagon complicate things. She wants to protect him, but she also needs to keep her mission convincing San Woong that she loves but cannot marry him. I’m not sure what her father’s (Cho Seong Ha) end goal is in having her do this other than information and power, but her feelings for Tagun may compromise her mission.

Wendilynn: I was surprised that Taealha and her female servant/handmaid (Yoon Sa Bong) weren’t killed when Dad figured out she was playing for the other team. I still think her dad would have no problem killing her if he thought it was to his advantage. We also learned that Tagon’s dad also tried to kill him, but he couldn’t. I guess that’s his weakness that many are going to try and take advantage of. I have a hard time seeing how Taealha gets what she wants in all of this. 

Kate: After that scene near the end where the priests were massacred, I’m really not sure what to expect next from all of this or who might die in the next episodes. How will the people of Arth react to that? Who may get betrayed or punished next? That is definitely keeping me interested!

Eun Seom has Tagon’s dad locked in a room hoping to save his people. Will Tagon let any of them walk out of the room alive?


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