Kang Daniel’s Debut Album


While the series Produce 101 has aided many careers, Kang Daniel is easily one of their biggest successes. His appearance on the second season and the subsequent debut with the group, Wanna One, launched the young idol’s career to new heights.


Kang Daniel quickly became a household name, appearing on numerous variety shows, magazine photo shoots and even breaking world records. After Wanna One disbanded, fans everywhere eagerly awaited his next move.

Unfortunately, his journey hasn’t been the smoothest. In January 2019, he sued his then company, LM Entertainment, to suspend his contract. When he won, LM submitted an appeal to overturn the ruling.

Finally, on July 11, the court again ruled in Kang Daniel’s favor. Later that same day, his new management company, KONNECT Entertainment, revealed on his website the title and release date of his debut solo album, “Color on Me.” The album has reported to be his gift of gratitude to his fans who have been waiting. 

The album title, “Color on Me” has an important meaning. Kang Daniel has actively worked in all levels of production, leaving his own signature, much like an artist works with various colors with a painting. He hopes that the album will show his true colors or sides of himself to the world.

To better achieve this, Kang Daniel has brought on Kei Lim as main producer. Lim, who is also credited at Im Kwang Wook, has notably worked with artists such as 4Minute, EXO and Girls Generation. Daniel has also reportedly working up to eight to ten hours a day with three different choreographers. One of those choreographers is Antoine Troupe, who has worked with Chris Brown, Prince and Kelhani on two of her world tours. 

Unfortunately, it’s currently unclear if Daniel will be promoting his album on music shows in the upcoming weeks, possibly due to management problems or LM’s latest appeal to the Seoul High Court.

Kang Daniel’s “Color on Me” album releases on July 26, KST.

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