Get Plugged In! Cy & TJ Present ‘The Daily Plug’ Podcast


On Monday, July 22, 2019, MACG Community members Cy and TJ debuted their first podcast together: “The Daily Plug.” This podcast has been two years in the making. Finally after a few false starts and an unwavering dedication to the idea, the duo have made the dream come to fruition!


“The Daily Plug” is a weekly dialogue about news and interesting happenings across the entertainment world. The team focuses on things that are affecting the Hallyu World and the most talked-about issues in the entertainment world at large. A unique aspect of the show is that both Cy and TJ use original self-produced music during the show’s intro, outro and intermissions. They also have a segment called “We Did Not Suffer.” It’s a chance for them to focus on a topic or two and tell listeners what they really feel about them.

In the pilot episode of “The Daily Plug,” Cy and TJ discuss Korean vocal powerhouse Ailee‘s long-awaited comeback and the recent comments from renowned producer Jermaine Dupri about the current state of hip hop. They also go on a tear about a new trend in fashion that’s, shall we say, rather eye-opening.

This week, they also debuted self-produced tracks. Cy’s track “Dirty” was used during the first intermission, while TJ’s (under the name Tiger-J) “The Sand King,” from his album “Biosphere,” was the soundtrack to the second.

The show is an ambitious one for the duo. As we all know in the world of entertainment, it’s never an issue of if there’s going to be news. It’s always what news are we going to pick. With the ever-shifting attention spans of the global audience every second of every day, it’s always a task to stay on-trend, or at the very least make stories that are “so five minutes ago” seem as relevant as if they’d just hit digital news stands two seconds ago. But the two are up to the task. At the very least, it’s a fun little hour-long show that invites listeners an opportunity to hear interesting perspectives on popular issues.

In their own words, “The Daily Plug” is “Your weekly dose of entertainment news and insights with a dash of comedy and a healthy helping of sass!” So if that seems like your cup of tea, give it a listen over on Castbox!

Check out Cy’s music on Soundcloud.
Check out TJ’s music on Soundcloud, Apple Music and Spotify.

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