Arthdal Chronicles Episode 7-8 Review: Who Betrays Whom?


This week Tagon’s (Jang Dong Gun) machinations to make himself the king started to come to fruition as he made new allies and faked Eunseom’s (Song Joong Ki) painful death. However, his plan isn’t the only one afoot. Saya, (Song Joong Ki) Taealha (Kim Ok Vin) and Tanya (Kim Ji Won) all have plots of their own in place, and they might all just foil each other as they begin to come to pass. What will happen to the Wahan tribe? Arth? Our heroes? Join us as we discuss episodes seven and eight of “Arthdal Chronicles.”

Wendilynn: Let me tell you, I’m in knots. I get why people are acting the way they are, but betrayals happened from unexpected places, and Tanya’s new vow has left me totally fried. I’m not sure what to think about Saya yet. Oh man, this show was anything but boring in these episodes. 

Kate: There’s still world-building going on, but it is much less so than it had been. I’m glad to be able to sit back and watch more stories. It felt a little like we were treading water in more places in the first third of the series, but now that more of the world is in place and we’ve met a large cast of characters we can play with them more.

I enjoyed seeing so many things move into place this week. Saya’s backstory was probably the most intriguing to me, especially since Tanya’s placement as a maid with him in his captivity has wound their stories together. I look forward to seeing what that will bring as we move forward.

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Wendilynn: In episode six we learned that Saya, Tanya and Eunseom are our three mystical weapons meant to change the world of Arthdal. Seeing how they get intertwined was pretty good. I enjoyed realizing that the dreams that Eunseom was having were really the memories of his twin brother and vice versa. Saya really is a mirror in more ways than one.

I still want to know what the horse meant when he said that someone was weak. Did he mean Eunseom, and did he turn his back on him? Or is he waiting for him to finally become the sword?

Kate: Saya has taken to Tanya despite himself. It was touching to see him intervene with her, to try and convince her not to kill herself when she heard that Eunseom had been executed, because he doesn’t want to lose her. Sure, it wasn’t very sentimental or mushy, but what can you expect from the guy who is surprised that Tanya was so happy because she was able to visit with her father? Saya has not been given a lot of emotional support or had a very emotionally healthy upbringing. Taealha wasn’t exactly foster mother of the year.

Wendilynn: That’s for sure. His way of getting revenge for her killing the one woman he loved was rather interesting. He could have really made things nasty. Instead, he just made them inconvenient or difficult, but not impossible. I did enjoy his threat to Too Ak (Yoon Sa Bong) as the person who carried out Taelha’s orders and killed the girl. I see him doing something to her eventually.

I wonder if Saya and Eunseom will be able to get along once they realize they are brothers?

Kate: I hope so! Saya, Eunseom and Tanya together could be unstoppable! Though it may make Tagon and Taealha’s plans even more complicated to see through.

Can Tagon hide two sons with purple blood? And what is it about the scars on their backs that the twins have? What does that mean, and what does it mean that they’ve both mostly healed and come off? The world may be built, but we haven’t run out of mysteries yet, thankfully.

Speaking of Too Ak, she isn’t the person I’d want to train me at a new job, definitely. She was low on patience and arbitrarily punished Tanya as she taught her how to be a maid. I would have spent more time being angry at her for that, but Taelha’s cruelty was so much on the show this week my attention was more focused on that. Is it wrong that I was glad that she was able to pull one over on her father, though, despite all of her sadism? Because I found it satisfying that she managed her own power play against his wishes.

Wendilynn: As cruel as she is, I get her. Her own father essentially sold his daughter as a sex slave for “the good of the tribe.” Such complete and utter garbage. I hope the show lets her have the satisfaction of killing him. I feel just a tad bit bloodthirsty on that score. Tagon got to kill his terrible dad, shouldn’t Taealha get the same courtesy? 

Kate: I want Taelha’s dad to have to suffer a bit first, and realize how much she beat him. But yes, it would be what Mihol (Cho Seong Ha) deserves.

What Taealha deserves though? I don’t know. I do want her to be able to savor her revenge on her father a little bit, but I’m not sure how much further I’d like for her to get. She is quick to kill or have killed all kinds of people to get her way, even when they haven’t really done anything wrong.

As far as fathers go, though, I was happy to see that Tanya’s father isn’t being treated too badly. I’d love to see him learn how to read and write and use that to help save the Wahan tribe in some small but key way.

Wendilynn: Tanya’s dad, Yeol Son (Jung Suk Yong), is a pretty neat character. I like him very much. I remember him being amazed that they would want to record his story. Such a simple thing, but it really rocked him. I hope he gets to learn about smithing and becomes someone more capable.

I was also glad that Dalsae (Jin Joo Hwan) had a change of heart, even if he was ultimately betrayed later by another. I was afraid he’d become a warrior for the bad guys in his anger against Eunseom. I was happy to see he was waiting by Eunseom’s sickbed.

Kate: The stress of captivity and slavery really seems to be breaking the bonds of the Wahan tribe apart. I hope that Tanya and Eunseom are able to not only help save them, but knit them back together as a people. I’m really looking forward to getting more screen time with Eunseom soon, too, since the episodes were a little light on him this week. Hopefully, Tanya won’t have to grieve for him for too long.

Wendilynn: I agree with you. I’m expecting Saya to have more “dreams” and for Tanya to figure out that it means Eunseom is still alive. Should make the next episodes interesting.

Everyone is betraying everyone in these episodes, can anyone trust what anyone says?


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