#TBT: NCT U — ‘The 7th Sense’


Tl; dr: This. Damn. SONG!

Now that I’ve come back to my senses ::winkwink:: …

I’m not gonna lie, the first time I heard this song, I had to do a double take to see exactly which label these young lads were a part of. Say what you want about SM Entertainment. That company seeks out trends and rides them harder than any other. This use of trap-infused R&B that’s borderline sinister certainly ::ahem:: opened my eyes to something I didn’t know SM actually could be: grimy.

So here’s the music video:

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But the most relevant is the Performance video. Because lemme tell you … Damn!

You see what I mean when I say “grimy”? This choreography is so damn smooth. But it goes harder than most choreography I’ve seen from South Korea in the past ten years! From the legendary s**t kingz, the Japanese team that’s choreographed some of the most intricate routines for K- and J-pop’s elite (just … just click here), “The 7th Sense” is one of those routines you watch unblinking in its entirety. I could hardly breathe.

While SM does have incredible dancers on its roster, it’s not exactly known for dancing per se. Not complaining, but they do err more on the side of vocals that can dance. But this shit right here?! To say I was shocked is an understatement. I was … offended. Just … how dare?!

Never mind that the song itself is probably the nastiest thing SM has every produced. But the movement that went with it was next level!

However, the visuals themselves are an entire discussion on their own. To utterly drench the screen in red, switching from splashes of color to black and white. Not to overstate things, but this was a genius bit of visual immersion.

Visuals. Otherworldly.

Vocals: Snatchedt.

Choreography: VICIOUS!

“The 7th Sense” will go on record as one of the most unreal debuts in K-pop’s history. Fight me!

(Smoke overlay photo by Pascal Meier on Unsplash, YouTube.)

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