SEVENTEEN Declares Their Power in New Single ‘HIT’


On August 5, SEVENTEEN released the digital single “HIT.” An intense EDM dance song that sends a powerful message that they will no longer be contained.

Released on major streaming platforms, the song delights fans with powerful beats and an energetic chorus guaranteed to get you up off your feet and dancing.

The members of SEVENTEEN have always been powerful dancers, but they take the choreography to a new level and explode with powerful moves and exciting synced performances. The video shows them dancing in eye-catching settings. I love the precision of the moves in the chorus.

The scene with them dancing in powder created an ethereal but powerful image and was just one of many sexy visuals to delight any fan. I’m a sucker for powerful dancing in water, and Hoshi‘s rain dance scene killed it. He relayed a story on V Live saying that he even broke the panel he’d been dancing on because of the power of his dance moves. There’s no doubt why he’s the leader of the dance unit.

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SEVETEEN shows a new side to themselves and sheds their “boy next door” image to reveal a powerful and mature charm. They have grown up and are going to lay claim to the world before them, without boundaries or limits. The MV shows their ambition and hard work as they create a dimension of themselves we haven’t seen before. Sexy and mature, the 13 members dazzle and steal our breath. The individual shots were vibrant and sexy. I can’t be the only fan who is having problems deciding between their bias and their bias wreckers. Mine was jumping lanes all throughout the video.

“HIT” takes our expectations higher for what other new projects SEVENTEEN will bring after this. Their official comeback is September 15, and the group will embark on their “Ode to You” world tour starting on August 30 at the KSPO Dome in Seoul.

(YouTube, Naver, V Live.)

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