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Over the last few years, K-pop has gone from a cub in the Western music scene to a roaring lion. This year alone has seen a substantial increase in performances by K-pop acts in American media and events.

From popular girl group Blackpink signing with Interscope/Universal Records, to their subsequent history-making performance as the first K-pop girl group to perform at Coachella. Clearly, it’s impossible to ignore the massive popularity of BTS leading to sold-out tours in the United States and other countries. There’s no wonder that Western media is catching K-pop fever. Not only are concert tickets selling at record paces on US soil, acts like NCT and Monsta X have even performed on North American morning news shows, which doesn’t even cater to their major target audience of older adults. Yet it seems like everyone who is in the know knows about K-pop.

A Hero Emerges

For rookie fans, keeping up with all the latest news on K-pop can be overwhelming. Especially since there are scores of news sites and blogs dedicated to this genre. How would one ever sift through the mountain of information? Fans could literally spend hours reading through the various articles to find out the smallest piece of information on their favorite idols. It’s especially hard for international fans who are so far away from the heart of the action. There hasn’t been a faster way to do this, until now.

Sounds of triumphantly beating drums and horns playing. Enter theQoos.

theQoos, pronounced (koos), is an app whose mission statement names them as “your gateway to the K-pop universe.” theQoos can get and keep even the newest fan up-to-date with the latest K-pop news, photos and videos by combining them in one place to enjoy to your heart’s content. The app not only filters through major English-speaking news sites for K-pop news. It also sifts through fan blogs, sites and social media as well as ensures fans always have the latest information at their fingertips. Fans can save, favorite and share links with friends from all over the world right from their phone.

How Does theQoos Work?

Here’s how it works. First, simply download the app and pick the artists you’d like to search. Then theQoos will filter out everything but the artists selected to give you the latest music videos, news articles and more. To get further in the know, you can explore what’s popular among other users. Saving an article or other content saves it to your private folder indefinitely, allowing you to quickly access the things you love. This is perfect for fans that engage with other fans.


What’s most impressive about theQoos is that it is genuinely working to understand what’s important to the K-pop community. It focuses on loves, likes and dislikes to identify what users really want to see. The more people “like” a certain article, the higher it will appear in the popularity section. Therefore, fan voices are truly being heard. This is something international fans have been craving for years. Looking to the Future

theQoos co-founder Peter Chun expressed that it caters to English speakers or readers that want K-pop content. Chun introduced theQoos to fans at KCON, the largest international event on the planet, just this past August in Los Angeles. Chun said, “We want to build a bridge between K-pop fans across the world. In the foreseeable future, we plan on doing that by having this positive space for fans so they don’t have to hide behind fake accounts and be accountable for their actions online.”

Chun’s words indicate that theQoos seems to have a lot in store for fans. This particular fan is quite interested in what they have to offer.

theQoos is currently only available for iPhone users. But never fear. Android users can leave their email addresses here to be alerted of when it becomes available.

Download theQoos today and let us know what you think! Members of the MACG Community will be following the app’s progress and will occasionally give updates on our own usage. So, we’ll see you in theQoos!

(theQoos official website.)

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