[Press Release] Lawrence Hiew Rocks Taichung Dong Shi Mid Autumn Night


With artist like Singapore’s Falling Feathers, it seems the country is truly making its presence known. Their proclaimed Prince of Advertising Lawrence Hiew is an artist most certainly on the rise.

SG Breaking News — Sept. 17, 2019

Lawrence Hiew’s stint in Taiwan has just gone a step forward. On Friday, Sept. 13, 2019, Hiew held a successful performance at the Dong Shi Mid Autumn Festival Concert at Taichung, organized by EXECUTING Your Strategy. 

Because of his already impressive career, Hiew received a special invitation to the festival concert. As the only overseas artist invited, he performed four songs to a strong crowd of more than 10,000. As a result of the buzz surrounding the festival, audience members came from all over Taiwan.


Standing in front of a 10,000-person audience might be daunting for some newcomers, but it is familiar for Hiew. He has been on the big stage before.

It’s clear the crowd had an enjoyable time listening to the four songs Hiew performed. Everyone in the audience grooved with him. In fact, the crowd truly felt a connection. He even went down the stage to interact with the audience and VIPs. 

Some of the other artists included Sun Sheng Xi and Bii.

In year 2017, Lawrence Hiew released his first digital single in Singapore, “Script Of Happiness.” The song not only received excellent reviews. It also grabbed #1 on the REDfm Music Pop Chart and very good download rates across all major MP3 platforms.

In the same year, his management agency designed and created two new online food and merchant programs: “Chef Lawrence” and “Adventure With Lawrence.” Hiew also performed in two major sold-out concerts: “The Grand Return Music Concert 2017” and “The Big 3 Night Variety Show 2017.” Both local and overseas media began to pay attention to this rising star.


Year 2018 was the year of blessings for Hiew. He received many advertising opportunities from Singapore merchants. All the interest from various businesses made him the up-and-coming Prince of Advertising. Howeve,r in 2018 he grabbed a career highlight. He became the Brand Ambassador for Yummy Food Expo 2018, organized by Singapore Press Holdings.

Then Hiew participated in an online drama for the first time. The web drama, “The Yummy Love,” is a high point of interest on his official blog. Lawrence Hiew has since become Royal Entertainment’s (Singapore) all-round rising artist.

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