Hotel del Luna Ep. 3-4: Ghosts Aren’t so Bad … Really

Man Wol (IU) has been the owner of Hotel del Luna for a thousand years. She is a no-nonsense sort of woman who understands the world she works in intimately. The Goddess (Seo Yi Sook) who gave her this job has plans to prepare Man Wol for her own journey to the afterlife, but she has no interest in going. Chang Seong (Yeo Jin Goo) finds himself in the middle of their struggle, and he’s got a bunch of memories that might not be his own. Can he navigate this new information and still keep his job? Join Kate and me as we discuss the new developments in episodes three and four of “Hotel Del Luna.”

Kate: Oh my goodness, I’m enjoying this show. I loved that the woman who we saw meeting younger Chang Seong on his birthday isn’t just a flower seller. She’s a Goddess who is integral to Man Wol and the hotel as well. I am enjoying the side characters and ghosts for the most part too. There are so many stories that we can explore further as the series continues, and I’m excited about it. What’s your favorite Hotel Del Luna storylines so far?

Wendilynn: So far, I’m enjoying the ghost’s individual stories. The blind woman’s story was both sweet and heartbreaking. I love watching Chan Seong realize that these ghosts are just people who need help. They aren’t scary, per se. However, I’m miffed about the possible love storyline for Chan Seong. I didn’t want one. I really didn’t want to see one in this series.

Kate: Oh, the blind ghost’s story started out so sweetly, like a simple love story. I was surprised the story shifted when we discovered she wasn’t remembering her history with this man completely correctly and that he’d been the cause of her death. I’m glad that she found a limo to take her to a good place in the end and that the young man also confessed his crime.

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As far as the love story that seems to be developing with the main characters I agree mostly. I would have been all right with some sort of slow-burn love story. The way it’s being written feels forced and undermotivated. I’m hoping that it doesn’t last. That Chan Seong realizes he’s feeling this way because of his dreams of Man Wol’s past life, and he becomes her wingman for a reunion with a reincarnation of the love from her life a thousand years ago.

Wendilynn: The problem I have is that she’s getting ready to leave and be reincarnated herself, so unless lover boy is also recently deceased, what’s the point? It’s not like she and Chan Seong could have anything permanent. I don’t see the reason. Now, if Chan Seong is being given these memories so Man Wol is forced to finally face her past, then I’m okay for that ride. So, we’ll have to see what direction they choose to head in. I don’t quite see why she had to kiss him to shut him up from the psycho ghost, though. Is that the only way you can get the man’s attention? I wanted to see what the ghost in Room 13 looked like. 

Kate: That was spectacular! They’d better not let that storyline drop. I want that ghost’s backstory and their healing. It’s okay if it takes a couple of weeks, but I want it! I’m glad Man Wol was forced to admit that she didn’t hate Chan Seong and he was worth keeping around. The kiss was a bit much. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the staff make it up to Chan Seong. I imagine they can’t quietly try to get rid of him for too long. Until they tried something that could become deadly, I found that storyline amusing too. I hope we get to meet the bellhop Ji Hyun Joong’s (P.O.) sister and see him move on before the series ends too. It’s bound to be heartwarming.

Wendilynn: Our bellhop is adorable, I love him. The scholar bartender (Shin Jung Keun) is feeling the guilt of disregarding his principles. The female employee, Seo Hee (Bae Hae Sun) is spitefully hanging around until all of her hateful family is dead. I can see why she’d have no problem doing Chan Seong in. The others didn’t really like it and only agreed out of fear. She didn’t have those sorts of qualms. I was glad to see Man Wol at least acknowledging that Chan Seong is her responsibility by stopping the plan. How much farther it goes from that, is up for grabs. 

Kate: Seo Hee is going to learn a lesson sometime soon. Her story was sad. I can’t imagine it would be incredibly satisfying or healing waiting for people to die whose grandparents weren’t even born when she herself died. She’s got to let that go. The way she serves the clientele, though, I think there’s something kinder at her center somewhere.

What did you think of Chan Seong being the number three candidate? I found his wounded pride sweet. He doesn’t fully want this job, but it’s insulting that he wasn’t even the first choice! It was interesting that Number One took his newfound power to fight supernatural possession. I am puzzled more than amused by the astronaut. I also wondered how Man Wol managed to follow him into space. I’m not sure if those were one-offs or if we’ll see them again.

Wendilynn: I had to laugh at those. She turned Chan Seong’s life upside down, ruined everything he’d worked hard for and then to find out that he wasn’t even her first choice, I’d be upset, too. I think he was more jealous than angry, though. I’m not sure how I feel about them trying to use the girl who has taken over her bully’s body. That could backfire. 

Kate: I didn’t think we’d see Yoo Na (Kang Mi Na) again so quickly, and I was just a little uncomfortable about how that story line ended up. It was a sort of justice that the bullied — murdered — girl was able to continue life, though in her bully’s body. It made me sad that she would have to adjust to a new family, who may be rich but will be suspicious of her because they’d believe SHE was a murderer. Also, while the bully did a terrible thing, having her soul disappear is a pretty big punishment. Once the story moved on from this, I felt less uncomfortable. But when they brought the girl back into the story my uneasiness with where that story went resurfaced. 

Wendilynn: It’s a horrid story if you think about it. They destroyed their daughter’s soul by their willingness to hide their daughter’s mistake. I don’t think I could even pretend to like them as my parents. I wouldn’t be able to do it. I’m not sure if her life is better or not living in someone else’s body and never seeing her real parents again. I’m curious if she will choose to continue on in that body as time goes on. The show seems to have more of her story to tell, so I’m curious to see what that child ultimately chooses to do.

Kate: There’s no shortage of stories to follow, which is one of the reasons this show is so rich. I’m enjoying watching Man Wol’s past life unfold in Chan Seong’s dreams, the weekly ghost, and side character stories so far and I’m also waiting to see what might happen with Chan Seong’s roomie. Will he find out what’s going on at the hotel? I can imagine a big, funny reveal there. I’m going to savor all of it.

What did you guys think of episodes 3 and 4 of “Hotel del Luna”? Let us know in the comments!


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