Okay, so you know how sometimes you just forget something exists? No particular reason, it just sort of slips your memory? Yeah. So that’s what happened UNIQ’s late-2015 comeback, “EOEO.” Gotta say, if I could forget something this nasty, I probably need to consider investing in some gingko biloba.

I mean … THE TITLE IS A FRIGGEN SIREN! How could I possibly forget how just straight dirty “EOEO” is? Okay, so it’s most likely because it falls in that period where I was actively dismissing DEAN‘s entire existence. (But we don’t talk about that now.) Yes, UNIQ owe most of this new breed of disrespect to the Joombas family, including DEAN when he was mostly doing production work. (Under his producer’s alias Deanfluenza, of course.)

All of this, of course, is beside the point. “EOEO” is a Tune with an extra-large “T”! Obviously that’s due in no small part to the song’s composition. It never really gets loud. Rather, it creeps in. Does work with the heavy bass, then reins it in with the smoothness of the synthetic sax.

There’s a thick layer of grime caked on to this track. With the combination of Deanfluenza’s penchant for smooth trap and xxx!‘s jazzier influences, “EOEO” has a push and pull that grabs you by the throat and kind of just swings you around. One moment you’re feeling the vibe of the song. The next, you’re in all out “Stank Face” mode, which only intensifies as the song progresses.

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As far as idol fare goes, lyrically it’s nothing to write home about. This was, however, a time when the younger generation of K-poppers were attempting to make a name for themselves. Set themselves apart with something heavier. Less sugar and more spice. (Granted they use the same producers, but I digress.) Trap beats were a fairly new concept introduced to mainstream Korean popular music in 2015. Thank all the angels in the firmament for eager young producers hungry for exposure!

Just months before BTS slapped people in the face with their use of grimy sax (“DOPE” came out in June 2015), UNIQ crashed through to introduce K-pop audiences to some of the earliest mainstream uses of trap-pop at the time. “EOEO” is a crazy track, one that I’m ashamed to have forgotten. (Shout out to lazy days in bed and Courtney and Jasmine for the reminder.)

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