Hotel Del Luna Episodes 5-6: We didn’t expect that!


This week we get some “Ring:-style action, a wedding, a K-drama king and even more backstory for our characters. The adventures continue to bring the fun, the funny and sometimes the scary. But what will happen to the hotel when the tree blooms? Join Wendilynn and me as we discuss episodes five and six of “Hotel del Luna.”

Wendilynn: These were such good episodes. I may not like that Chan Seong (Yeo Jin Goo) seems to be the reincarnation of her lost love, Cheong Myung (Lee Do Hyun), but so far, they aren’t going sappy with it. They leave that to the ghosts.

Kate: I’m holding out hope that Chan Seong isn’t her love reborn, but her good buddy Yeon Woo (Lee Tae Sun) reborn. I loved that he cared enough to go back into the guest’s room to “save” her despite how scary it was. That can be a good friend and fellow soldier stuff, right? I’d go out of my way to get an autograph for a good friend.

Wendilynn: I hope you’re right. I’d like that better. But we’ve got miss princess’s reincarnation now trying to muzzle her way in. I have a feeling since we saw Man Wol (IU) in that wedding dress bleeding all over that the story gets very ugly between them all.

Kate: Chan Seong’s girlfriend sure looks like she’s a piece of work. I’m looking forward to uncovering more about Chan Seong’s present life, that relationship and what he and his dad have been through since that fateful night dad promised him to Man Wol. What do you bet the goddess and her sisters have been checking in on him and keeping him on the right path? I loved that the goddess isn’t alone, that she has sisters who all seem to have some sort of powers. So far, at least two of them have favored Chan Seong in some way.

Wendilynn: I love the Goddess Sisters in Hotel Del Luna. Seo Yi Sook is doing a great job playing them all. She’s so good. I believe she has been looking out for everyone. She is the real owner of Hotel Del Luna. She gives Man Wol the job so she can deal with her issues. Now she’s making things happen. But I think this will benefit everyone. I know the staff is scared, but the story building between our bellhop Hyun Joong (P.O.) and Kim Yoo Na (Kang Mi Na) is so adorable. They are so cute.

Kate: It was funny that the staff started planning new ways to get rid of Chan Seong as soon as their first plot failed. Seo Hee (Bae Hae Sun) was nonplussed, though bartender Kim Sun Bi (Shin Jung Keun) had regrets. He felt it was below him as a scholar. Hyun Joong regretted it too. Seo Hee is determined to keep the hotel going. She is still willing to cause Chan Seong’s death in a number of supernatural ways. I’m glad she realized Chan Seong was on to them, though.

I like the sweet romance developing between Hyun Joong and Kim Yoo Na too. I’m even happy with the way they’re including Yoo Na in the story. She’s a ghost in a different body, so why not intern at a ghost hotel? It seems to be a stabilizing force in the weird situation she finds herself in, with the wrong body and parents. I’m more comfortable with it than I thought I would be. I know Hyun Joong’s death story is going to be a tearjerker.

Wendilynn: Seo Hee is more vengeful than the others, but all of them are resentful spirits in one way or another. Otherwise they would have moved on for reincarnation. I loved that she took his comment as a threat. Though he said it sweetly, it was still letting her know that she should treat him better. I don’t think she really understood the point he was making since she took it as his intent to get revenge.

Speaking of revenge … can I say that I’m cracking up at our evil video ghost? Given the nature of the molka problem in South Korea, I’m laughing at a storyline where a ghost goes after guys watching illegal spycam videos. Serves the little bastards right. Lol

Kate: She’s a social justice Sadako! Seriously, the justice meted out in that story is satisfying, but I still get creepy “Ringu” vibes that make it hard for me to laugh. I loved how Seo Hee blamed that ghost’s escape on Chan Seong, even though she sent him there to die or go insane. I’ll bet she gets taken care of next week. Though I still want to know her backstory. The bride’s story ended with a nice twist I wasn’t expecting. What did you think about Soo Min (Kim Mi Eun)?

Wendilynn: The bride’s story was touching. First, you think the parents are doing that death marriage thing that I first heard about in “Master’s Sun,” which still sorts of creeps me out. Then we find out that they are really her fiancé’s parents and that her man is dying in a hospital and the whole story changes completely. This show does that twist so well. You think a story means one thing, and instead, something completely different is really going on. This is why I don’t want to jump to conclusions about Chan Seong and Man Wol’s story. I’m sure we’re going get a surprise.

Kate: I loved ghost speed dating and that Hyun Joong wanted in on it too. It seemed like a good solution to Soo Min’s problem, finding a nice ghost to marry and move along rather than take a human she didn’t know with her. In the end, though, I loved that one of the goddess sisters gave her the tools to make her own choice. Cutting that thread that we didn’t even realize was hanging on to her fiancé allowed them both to move on.

My favorite surprise, though, had to be the Korean king who turned out to be a K-drama actor that just thought he was a king.

Wendilynn: That was a cute story. We had the good actor and the bad actor and Man Wol claiming a fee. Lol There is something about doing a job you’ve worked hard on well and the satisfaction that it brings. I liked that the dead actor just wanted to do the job he had been preparing to do. I don’t think our bad actor, adorably played by Lee Yi Kyung, minded too much. 

Kate: I’m always happy to see Lee Yi Kyung in the mix! He convinced himself Man Wol was just a great acting coach. Wasn’t she a knockout in that wig and costume, though? She definitely looks good in fancy clothes, no matter the era. I wonder if Chan Seong will be able to wean her off her spending habits. He seems pretty committed to doing so in order to secure her a better reincarnation.

Wendilynn: Well, she was poor all her life, I can understand why she feels the need to surround herself in riches. Chan Seong’s so determined to make sure she’s not reincarnated as a pig. It’s pretty darn adorable. He really does have the biggest heart. 

Kate: I hope Chan Seong finds happiness for himself too. He cares about others and gives great customer service at Hotel Del Luna. In the meantime, he needs to build a life for himself instead of only helping people to their afterlives. Since the goddess said that he would have very good luck after burning off that bad luck earlier on, I’m sure there’s something good in store for our hero. I know I will be enjoying the journey as we make our way there.


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