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The Daily Plug with Cy and TJ is back for Season 2! This week they invite a special guest: IT extraordinaire and MACG Community member Matthew Gonzalez. For the premiere episode, the trio look back on the past month and a half in the Hallyu Wave. They tackle the topic of cyberbullying.

At this point the issue of cyberbullying is a recurring discussion. Given the events of the past six weeks, the group thought it important to dig into the root of the problem. During the episode, Cy, TJ and Matthew dissect the psychology of fan entitlement in the era of social media. More often than we wish to believe, the consequences of fans going too far has unfortunately played out in fatal ways. Tragically, we’ve seen it multiple times this year. None more potent to many in the Hallyu fandom as the passing of former f(x) member Sulli.

With the advent of social media, the desire to be liked (read: loved) comes with a heavy price. Obviously, it’s one no one should have to pay for the sake of their profession. Especially in a society as patriarchal and conservative as South Korea can be, cyberbullying can wreck havoc on someone’s psyche. More than that, in a worldwide culture that finds it hard to even acknowledge the importance of mental health.

During the show, the three delve deep into the connection between the lack of serious help for those living with mental illness and the oftentimes dark world of social media. Particularly in the world of Hallyu, fan culture lends itself to cyberbullying. Especially when dealing with fans who go to great lengths to “protect” their faves.

However, there is a bright side to fandom, which the trio go into. With Monsta X‘s Wonho announcing his departure from the group, fans are banding together to make sure he’s taking care of himself.

Head over to Anchor to listen to the Season 2 premier in its entirety and share your thoughts.

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