Hotel Del Luna Episode 7-8: Vengeance or Mercy?


The plot thickens as we learn more about what really happened between Man-wol (IU) and the Captain of the Guard who she gave her heart to. What is she really waiting for? What is the goal of the Goddess who put her in charge of the Hotel. Is it mercy or retribution? Join Kate and me as we discuss these episodes of “Hotel Del Luna.” 

Kate: Oh my goodness! Man Wol really hates Mi-ra (Park Yoo-na)! It may just mean her soul won’t get any mercy after all, even after serving for over a thousand years at Hotel Purgatory. Maybe fate sent Chan-sung (Yeo Jin-goo) to her after all to keep her on a more merciful path. It’s going to take all he’s got to steer her back to the straight and narrow, I think. 

Wendilynn: Yeah, and after we saw that backstory, you can’t really blame her either. I do think that it was an interesting juxtaposition between the stories of Man-wol and our demon girl killing the spycam guys. You can’t really blame either girl for the anger they feel. Almost asking the question if God is merciful or not.

It is interesting that as soon as the spycam guy admitted he couldn’t remember who the girl was because of how many girls he had ruined that way, the Goddess punished him. Which implies the Goddess holds choices accountable. What will the Goddess hold Mon-wol accountable for?

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Kate: If she killed Choeng-myung (Lee Do-hyun) and past Mi-ra during life out of revenge, I can understand why she needed to serve a punishment to expunge that. Now that she’s come across Mi-ra once again, maybe she needs to show the Goddess that she’s learned her lesson. That she will choose to give up revenge. She hasn’t crossed that line yet. That’s ONLY because Chan-seung stepped in. I don’t want to see her burn up like the girl ghost. I wish she’d gotten a little more mercy.

Of course, it was implied rather than depicted straight out. But someone drugged and raped her, filmed it. Then she was bullied at school because someone made the video public. That’s pure hell. At least he got punished in the end.

Wendilynn: She had to take responsibility for her choices, even if they were unfortunate. I wish she’d gotten a little more mercy though. She really got the raw end of the deal in that situation, but the guy who did it certainly got his karma. I have to admit, that when the vengeance Goddess showed up in front of his car on the train tracks I started shouting, “YES!”

All things considered, and with the current problems with spycams in South Korea, it was a really relevant episode. It was about more than accountability for the wrongs you do. It was also a warning to not allow to revenge destroy you as you deal with the hurt inflicted on you. 

Kate: On a bit of a lighter note, the ghost love triangle in the hotel was a cute side story that made that point to some extent. It was adorable that the dead married woman wanted to hook back up with her first love who died young. (Even more so how funnily — but understandably angrily — her husband responded.) But when Man-wol gave them weapons and told them to duke it out they refused. While they weren’t very happy, they made a choice. Something the vengeful ghost of Ga-young (Lee Min-ryeong) and Man-wol haven’t been able to embrace.

Oh, and another side story, what’s up with Hyun-joong’s (P.O) sister and the doctor with his same name? There must be something going on there, right?

Wendilynn: I loved Man-wol’s solution for the arguing couple. She hands them deadly weapons and the husband asks her, “Shouldn’t you try to stop us?” That really made me smile. It helped shock them out of their overreaction.

I’m also with you on Hyun-joong’s story. Who is that guy using his name to stand next to his sister? I also just melted all over when he became visible to rescue Yoo-na (Kang Mi-na). I can’t tell if he’s got a crush on her or thinks of her as a little sister. He has to know she thinks of him as a boyfriend. He’s not that clueless. 

Kate: Yoo-na is growing on me. Hyun-joong correcting her English spelling of “onion” was adorable. He must have really been rich and well educated to know that. Particularly for the era he grew up in. I almost wonder if someone covered up his death and this other Hyun-joong claimed posed as him for an inheritance or something. He may have something more to do rather than just waiting for his sister to pass away. He may need to forgive this man who took his place as well. But this is just a shot in the dark right now. 

Wendilynn: I liked the distinction that Hyun-joong between what type of spirits they are since they are hanging around. He informs Chan-seung that any spirit hanging around is a resentful or vengeful spirit. But because they do no harm to anyone, no one is danger of those spirits burning them up or ending their existence. Still doesn’t change the fact that they are vengeful spirits. 


Kate: Oooh, good catch, Wendilynn. That could be a clue. He may just resent the other Hyun-joong. I can’t imagine he would resent him for missing his younger sister, who was a child when he died.

Speaking of resentment, I don’t know how everyone doesn’t resent Mi-ra. She may have lived a few lives to become human again, but I don’t really like what we see of her at the moment. Taking other people’s credit cards and borrowing money without really intending to pay it back doesn’t endear her to me. So far I don’t think there’s any danger of her and Chan-seung getting back together. Though he may have some sympathy for her after Man-wol’s revenge plot.

Wendilynn: She can only get sympathy because Chan-seung is a nice person, but his heart now belongs to Man-wol. Although, now that he’s seen the betrayal, I’m not sure what he’ll choose to do. I do think he will still take her side once he returns to her. I have to admit, it did shock me that the Captain betrayed her and her friend. A friend who he had to rescue over and over again. Or so we thought. I’m not sure what to think of that. If Chan-seung is the reincarnation of our Captain, what plans does our Goddess have for them all?


Kate: My guess is still that Chan-seung is the reincarnation of her fellow outlaw friend, Yeon-woo (Lee Tae-sun). How better to teach her forgiveness than to see his incarnation forgive the people that captured and killed him? Further, he can forgive her. I don’t think his death was her fault. Someone tricked and betrayed her. But she does still blame herself. Getting present-day Yeon-woo’s forgiveness could help heal her. No matter who Chan-seung is, though, he’s got to find Man-wol again first. Or she’s got to seek him out. I’d put real money on the Goddess giving Chan-seung a nice assist. Or give Man-wol a push to reach out to him again. Perhaps even both.

Wendilynn: I really hope you are right and Chan-seung is Yeon-woo. Although he saw her falling in love with another, he never, ever gave up on her and stood by her. Even going so far as to smile for her before his death. I have to admit, I fell in love with his character at that moment. He was like an eager puppy before that. But in that moment, my heart loved him.


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