Arthdal Chronicles Ep. 13-14: Don’t Mess With the Momo Tribe!


When we last left Tanya (Kim Ji Won) and Eunseom (Song Joong Ki) they were separated and making bids for their freedom and power. Tanya found the bell of the Goddess and Eunseom was faking his death. This led to consequences in power plays that will destroy the world as we know it. Join Kate and I as we discuss the developments of these episodes of “Arthdal Chronicles.”

Kate: Oh my goodness! I had forgotten that we left off at such a dramatic moment when the series took its break. The new episodes jumped right in, too. Tanya certainly has found herself in a new position in Arth. The people hail her as the true heir of the Great Wolf. Eunseom’s victory is a little more mixed. He is free, but he’s still on the run.

Wendilynn: Eunseom’s story will be interesting. We found out EXACTLY why everyone fears the Momo tribe. Good heavens. An entire people dedicated to saving you because they have a debt to pay is one hell of a sword. 


Kate: I like the Momo tribe. It’s always fun to see a powerful force with a iron-willed and fierce woman leader. I hope that we get to see much more of the Xabara. And you’re right, Wendilynn. Having the Momo owe him a debt of honor will be a powerful support. I’m interested to see what might happen when he realizes that they are his allies. Or if they find Saya (Song Joong Ki) first and mistake him for his twin.

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Wendilynn: I’m also expecting them to find Saya first and mistake him for Eunseom. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who had that worry. Under Saya’s direction, oh my gosh, it could really become more of a bloodbath than it is already becoming. I feel a little sad that Tagon (Jang Dong-gun) has shed his desire to be loved and trusted by his people. Not that he hasn’t done things that betray all that first. But still … that desire kept him controlled to a point. If he becomes a dictator, oh heavens. 


Kate: I am definitely concerned that Arth is headed for a bloody battle in the next two episodes. It’s sad to think that Tagon’s dislike of killing and his desire for his people’s love constrained his actions thus far. He has done some pretty bad things under those constraints. I hate to see what he’ll do when his gloves are off. And since the people also know he’s Igutu, he can even revel in the uncivilized reputation that they have and become even more brutal. Then again, Asa Sakan (Son Sook) did say that Tagon would be part of saving Arth. Maybe there is hope after all?

Wendilynn: I think the Great Wolf knows exactly what her beloved Arth has become and she’s going to shake it out and fix a few things. This society is enslaving others and generally not being very nice. While it has allowed a lot of people to live in relative peace, it has come at a great cost. I did find it very interesting that Asa Ron (Lee Do-kyung) was willing to throw away even the words of his own leader or co-leader, Asa Sakan, and just go for revenge. He’s so power-hungry that he doesn’t really care. 


Kate: There has never been much of a lack of power-hungry characters and storylines. Asa Ron’s ambitions and desire to remain in a place of power is clouding his judgement, I think. He risks a lot if this power play goes wrong. I can’t imagine that they will be successful in killing either Taelha (Kim Ok-vin) or Tanya. Saya is too suspicious and attentive around Tanya, and the writers just put a lampshade on Taelha’s skill with a dagger.

I’m also not sure how Mi Hol’s (Cho Seong-ha) storyline will play out either. As he said, he goes to power, wherever it is. He was willing to bow to Tagon when Tagon was strong, but now that Tagon’s rule is in question again, Mi Hol will be in play. That could shake things up even further.

Wendilynn: Mi Hol has never been on Tagon’s side. He’s mentioned before that Tagon can’t give him what he wants. Considering how fast he changes sides it’s obvious he’s an opportunist. I can’t help feeling that we don’t really know yet what he’s really after. Saya is very suspicious and smart. However, he’s been sheltered and so gets taken by surprise on occasion. Tagon, as far as I can tell is never taken by surprise. He seems to have so many plans and layers of plans in place he can bend wherever the wind blows the political landscape. I really don’t want to see the Momo tribe in the hands of Tagon because they have mistaken Saya for Eunseom. That would not end well for anyone. 

Kate: One of my biggest — worries until the last fifteen minutes of episode fourteen — was what happened when Eunseom arrived in Arth. How might that impact the whole plan for Tagon to gain power and Tanya to lead as Niruha? Everyone was careful to warn the Wahan tribe of Saya’s appearance was much like Eunseom’s and that they shouldn’t say or react to it. I wondered what might happen in part because Eunseom was presumed both dead and the killer of Tagon’s father. But if nobody in Arth noticed that Saya looked just like Eunseom, I guess that isn’t really a big deal. It’s even less of a problem now that so many people know Tagon killed his father.

I guess that the biggest challenge might be how Saya reacts to having an identical twin. Eunseom’s repeated protection of the others around him, even when they betray him, makes me think he will greet a twin with an open heart. Saya is much less trusting.


Wendilynn: I’m waiting to see how they react to the knowledge that they’ve been dreaming of each other. I’m pretty sure part of the reason Saya trusts Tanya and gives her his devotion is because he’s seen her in his dreams most of his life. He’s felt Eunseom’s trust and love for her. So when she joined his side, so to speak, he could accept it because it matched what he learned about her in his dreams. That makes me wonder if jealousy will be in play between the twins when Tanya’s reveals her feelings. 

Kate: Oh, but the three of them could be so formidable if they could work together! Eunseom and Tanya could temper Saya’s cruel streak and teach him love and trust. With her as priestess and the twins as the sons of Tagon, they have great claims to leading a newer, kinder Arth. Maybe they can help to convince Tagon of that before too long. He has admitted he doesn’t like killing. Then again, I’m not sure Taelha would allow Tagon to step aside. Eunseom or Saya could just as easily be the chosen one, come to restore Arth to its golden age.

Wendilynn: I agree they are formidable if they can become a team. I was just sort of expecting them to already be a team by this point. I’m waiting to see what happens. At this point, this could go anywhere.

What do you think about the developments in “Arthdal Chronicles” thus far? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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