Hotel Del Luna Episode 9-10: Who’s the Hotel’s Next Victim?


So many elements of Hotel Del Luna were up in the air as we hit the midpoint of the series last week. How much will change as the hotel operates in the new location? Will Man-wol (IU) and Chan-sung (Yoo Jin-gu) find themselves in one another’s company again? How long will the story keep them apart? Join Wendilynn and me as we discuss how well episodes nine and ten answered all of these questions and how well they delivered.

Wendilynn: The last episodes raised so many questions. And at least one dashed hope. We’ve found Yeon-woo (Lee Tae-sun), but not the way I was expecting. Finding him as a cop chasing a serial killer was a bit of a twist.

Kate: That was interesting. But I was also happy to see that the serial killer storyline picked up what seemed like a dropped thread from earlier in the series. No wonder poor Sanchez (Cho Hyun-chul) wigged at seeing that creepy dude at his school reunion meetup. Seol Ji-won (David Lee) is one sick puppy. He almost convinced Sanchez to commit suicide, and now he’s working his way up to serial killer.

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Wendilynn: Now we know the story behind Sanchez and Chan-sung’s friendship. They alluded to it before, but now we have more information. Clearly, Chan-sung is a potential victim. Seol Ji-won has a score to settle, or so he thinks. Deliberately trying to kill someone just because one thinks they can is truly sick. Justice Goddess has some work to do. 


Kate: The story behind their friendship made me love Chan-sung even more. It takes a very strong person not only to stand up against a bully but to stand up against a crowd of peers. But Chan-sung did and saved his life. He is definitely a potential victim.

But I wouldn’t count Mi-ra (Park Yoo-na) out as a potential victim, too, since she’s a witness. We’re reaching the point in the series arc when it’s definitely time to put some of our main characters in sincere peril. A twisted serial killer who knows some of our characters well is the perfect choice. I’m glad this storyline balanced more time with the CEO to lighten some of this week’s events. He was a kind man who deserved a nice send off.

Wendilynn: I love that CEO. He is adorable. Sulli playing his granddaughter was fun too. I constantly laughed at how pissed Man-wol kept getting at her bartender as he tried to act as a matchmaker. Chan-sung belongs to her, but she can’t let anyone know that. For the scholar to be so clueless was honestly funny. 

Kate: Chan-sung turning down his granddaughter disappointed me. Though it wasn’t a surprise. It wouldn’t hurt him to give a sweet living girl a chance, I don’t think. But this isn’t the story we’re told.

The part that made me giggle the most was how angry Man-wol got during the CEO’s dream phone call to his granddaughter. He basically told her that he “liked that Chan-sung guy, maybe ask him out.” Her desire to make cash off the CEO warred with her possessiveness of Chan-sung. Finally, the latter won. Man-wol can’t help but protect and care for Chan-sung. I can’t really blame her for that.

Wendilynn: Man-wol’s jealousy is very cute. I really love how UI plays this character. She’s so spot-on in every scene. She wants money, but she wants Chan-sung, and she doesn’t want anyone to know she has a soft side. It makes for a fascinating character to watch, especially considering how dangerous she really is.

I agree with you that Yoo-na is in danger because of the serial killer. I think solving that case is going to bring our cop and Man-wol together more. While I find it sort of amusing that the Goddess is matchmaking Mi-ra with Yeon-woo, I couldn’t help but feel a tug when he and Man-wol shared that look at the police station. 


Kate: That moment was sweet, Wendilynn. I wonder how much cop Yeon-woo understands. It would be an interesting twist of fate if he ends up with Mi-ra after all. Though unless she grows up some, I wouldn’t wish her on anyone.

Speaking of unexpected soft sides, what about that Water God (Nam Da-reum)? I want to see him come back a few more times. I really enjoyed his storyline in episode nine and his presence again in ten. Man-wol was so concerned that he would be dangerous and that they’d have to sacrifice a human to save the hotel from him. In the end he just wanted a little peace and a new home. It makes me wonder if there are parallels between the Water God and Man-wol we’re supposed to notice.

Wendilynn: At first I thought maybe the water god was Yeon-woo. He looked so familiar that I had to look him up. Then I discovered that he was Nam Da-reum, who I’ve been watching grow up on TV ever since he played the five-year-old Ji-hu on “Boys over Flowers.” No wonder he looked so familiar. I really liked his storyline too. He just wanted to be appreciated and valued. Yet felt abandoned and dismissed.

In many ways, he’s much like Man-wol because the Captain of the Guard used her. She lost her friends and family to his deception. Man-wol has no intention of letting him pass her hotel quietly. It will take all Chan-sung can do to keep her from burning. 

Kate: I think he can handle it. I’m actually starting to wonder what his vulnerabilities are. He even handled meeting his mother with grace, despite the fact that having Chan-sung was a secret she didn’t want her family to know. I wish he had had some more time to get to know her. At least he got to send her off to the afterlife and they did have a moment to connect. I’m glad to have a little more to Chan-sung’s story, but it makes me wonder even more how the situation with his parents unfolded.


Wendilynn: That he was able to meet her at all and keep a picture of her is quite a lot already. Notice she didn’t ask about him or try to connect to him in anyway. She didn’t stop him from keeping the pictures, but she knew she had turned her back on him and didn’t try to force something she never wanted in the first place. I agree that Chan-sung handled it with grace and maturity. But she still didn’t want him, so neither felt forced to pretend something that wasn’t there. 

Kate: We know we’ll face a serial killer, and I bet that we’ll resolve the story of at least one hotel employee. My bet is it’s Hyun-joong (P.O), his sister and the other Hyun-joong. I wonder what else is in store for us before the end of this series. All I can say is I’m enjoying it so much that I’m not looking forward to the end!

The show’s getting juicier and juicier! What do you all think is up for our friendly (and not-so-friendly) ghost in the coming weeks?


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