#WCW — The First Women Who Broke Our Little Hallyu Hearts


Well hello there! The ladies of MACG Magazine decided in the spirit of solidarity, girl power and honest-to-goodness fangirling to share our First Female Hallyu Crushes. Thus the inaugural #WCW! The boys have had tears and tantrums dedicated to them for far too long. It’s time for the girls to have a little fun. These ladies right here! Yeah … Whomstever is in charge of creation broke the mold with these women!

Cy: Cheetah! Yeah … I wasn’t even going to mince words with this one. Instant screaming and flailing.

She wasn’t my very first, first girl crush in Hallyu. But as far as the first person associated with Hallyu in some way, she was the first woman who I saw with unreal sex appeal. Doesn’t hurt that she’s one of the most ferocious MCs in South Korea when she wants to be. Though she hasn’t always had the short cut she rocked at the height of her popularity, that style is definitely as legendary as she is. That slick ’90s black actress cut. Them full lips with her dark red lipstick. Her absolutely unreal makeup … It’s not just her confidence, her fearlessness. It’s the entire package of overwhelming bad-girl swagger and that sharp tongue of hers.

ike I said, she didn’t pop my Hallyu girl crush cherry. But she was the first one who had me absolutely ready to risk it all!

Wendilynn: My first female hallyu crush was Gu Hye-sun as the spunky Jan-di in “Boys Over Flowers.” Her roundhouse kick to Jun-pyo’s (Lee Min-ho) head sold me on K-dramas from the beginning.

I was all about a girl who wouldn’t be bullied. Sadly, the character didn’t stay true through the whole series. But that first kick made me fall in love with K-dramas as hard as Jun-pyo did with Jan-di. I also liked her character in “Blood.” I know not a lot of people liked that character, but I really did. Other women soon followed, but she was my first. 

Jess: I have mixed emotions about “Boys Over Flowers,” but her kicking Jun-pyo is ICONIC! I’m a sucker for a good “You’re the first woman to treat me like this. We must marry.” dramas. And “BOF” is a good one. Especially when he’s asking her why she doesn’t want to date him and she just tears into him. *Chef’s kiss*

My first was definitely Cho-sun (Kim Min-seo) from “Sungkyunkwan Scandal.” She’s just so regal and strong despite being in a terrible situation.

She lived in a time where women didn’t have a lot of agency, but she’s in charge of her destiny. The son of a powerful politician is in love with her? Barely acknowledges his presence. Forced to live as a Giseng? Becomes the head one and actively works to protect her girls. I’d honestly watch/read a series all about her life because she’s just that great of a character. 

And she’s so pretty and fierce and HAVE I MENTIONED HOW MUCH I LOVE HER?!?!


Which Hallyu woman broke your heart and leaves you in a fit of tears every time she graces your screen? Let us know down below!

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